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Unusually Shaped Makeup Brushes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I have many makeup brushes and some just seem so gimmicky due to their shape. The three that I mention here look gimmicky but they do their job so they aren't a waste.

Tigi Bedhead Rockin' highlighting/concealer brush ($14USD)


When I saw this brush, I brushed it aside. I had so many concealer brushes and highlighting brushes that I really didn't need another one. It's only when I took it in my hand to test it that I had to get it. The shape of this brush which looks like it could spear someone is really nifty. The hair is synthetic so it works great with cream products and surprisingly works well with powder products too because of its firmness due to its flatness. Why this works great is because of the triangular point. The tip allows for close application of product while the side allows it to be guided along the eyes, nose, and mouth and anywhere in between. Then by using the entire tip you can blend what has been applied. Pretty nifty!

Cinema Secrets Shadow Blender Brush ($11.99USD)

Shadow Blender

I guess this isn't really unusually shaped but you don't see it around much where makeup brushes are sold. This is like a doefoot shaped tip. The hair is stiff but not enough to hurt you skin but enough to blend and buff color on the eyes. This will soften or blend the colors by getting into the corners and crease. Since it isn't one of those fluffy brushes, this will blend more precisely. A brush that shouldn't be overlooked.

Cinema Secrets Crescent Shader ($9.99USD)


Now, this is my most unusually shaped brush. Yes, there are knockoffs or what appear to be knockoffs of this brush, but I doubt they do their job as well as this one. If you notice, one end is longer than the other. That is because that end goes into the crease of the eye, while the other end glides along the orbital ridge. This can be use 2 ways to color the crease or the orbital ridge. You may be saying I can do this with any brush. Very true but this can really teach proper placement. Dip the flat end only into an eyeshadow, take the curved end and place it at the outer end of the crease while lining the other end up with the end of your brow; then just glide it across until it hits the inner corner of your eye. The color applied is what is your orbital ridge. Go over it again with a different brush or blend if there is enough color on.

OR take the longer end and dip it into a dark color, place it into the crease like you did for coloring the orbital ridge. This time you are "cutting the crease" or just trying to find where crease is. This brush is especially helpful for hooded eyes, mature eyes, and definitely Asian eyes. For Asian eyes, this part will help find or define the fleshy area apart from the orbital ridge (area below the browbone). The flat area of the brush will just follow the orbital ridge while the longer end draws the crease as you follow the indentation of your eye.

The brush is well made and the brush hair is firm enough to apply the color without splaying, but soft enough so it doesn't hurt. Gimmicky looking but if you are confused about your crease or finding that your eyeshadow falls a bit to low on the side of your eyes, this brush definitely helps in guiding application.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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