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More 3CC - Three Custom Color Specialists Beauty Products

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I figured I should review the rest of my collection I have from Three Custom Color Specialists (3CC).

Lip Pencils

First up the pencils. I have two of their lip pencils a Cool Red and Mauve. These pencils are very nice in texture and in color. The texture isn't a hard wax but it is hard enough to easily sharpen to a point without breaking or any type of dryness. These draw a precision lip line and will also fill in the lips. If you have one of those lazy days, just fill in your lips and top off with clear gloss. The Cool Red is just what it says, it is a blue red but really not enough blue to work against any skin tone to make it unwearable. Saturated in color it packs a punch to any of the red lipsticks you might have. (Also comes in a Warm Red.) Mauve is one of those no-nonsense colors; gives that tone of natural flush to the lips. I can wear this one underneath any nude lipsticks just to give that extra color or alone. It also goes with many other lipsticks, definitely one to try. Each of these pencils retail for $16.50USD.

Eye & lip Pencils

Eye Pencil

3CC eye pencils retail for $16.50USD. Like the lip pencils, the texture isn't the soft waxy type nor is it the hard wax wear it pokes your eye; they are provide precision application with softness!

Khaki Green is the color I have. At first I was hesitant about this color but it is one of the best "color" neutrals to have! The color is a midtone green brown which makes it wearable for porcelain to about medium skin tones. If you find just brown or taupe boring but green too much color, try this one. The pencil has enough green for color but not enough to overpower a neutral look. An unusual yet nice neutral to have (and collect or hoard).

3CC bronzers are so underrated. These are one of the best bronzers out there because they are so natural looking and silky on the skin. Also, these are great for porcelain to fair skin tones. Very often the ghostly complected complain that they can't find a bronzer that would give them color without looking muddy, 3CC is one that works because it goes on softly without overpowering one's complexion. There are two colors Cool and Warm and they also come in loose and pressed. Loose is $39.50USD; pressed is $22.50USD and $17.50USD pan only.


The Cool Bronzer is one of my favorites to use as a nude blush. I can wear this on bare skin or on a full face of makeup. The color is a soft satin rose maple brown. There is no red or orange to this bronzer. The Warm Bronzer, obviously has warmth to it. It is a honey colored brown with no red or orange tones. Both bronzers are matte and sheer. From the looks of the ingredients listing, it appears there is no bismuth. Both great as a nude blush or a soft bronzer for many skintones.>

Brow Powder

Don't think of 3CC Brow Colors just for the brows ($22.50USD & $17.50USD). They can be used as eyeshadow and cake eyeliner. The color is more opaque than the eyeshadows and the texture is creamier to the touch.

Brow Powder

Brow color 1 is the lightest of the bunch. It is a light honey with a bit of ash tone to it. Great for blondes and strawberry blondes. As an eyeshadow this color is a light warm taupe. For me it is a bit too warm for my taste, but if you are looking for a color like this, go look at 3CC!

Brow color 2 is a matte midtone taupe. No red or orange to this or yellow or green, very neutral and ash toned. Good brow color for dark blondes to light skin tones with dark brows. As an eyeshadow it is pretty much a neutral color. As a cake eyeliner it can go on as a slightly deep taupe brown.

Nothing chalky or murky to these brow colors.

Face Powder

Face Powder

3CC Translucent face powder comes in loose ($39.50USD) and pressed ($22.50USD). I have this one in compact and refill pan ($17.50USD). Why? Because it is a great no color powder. Yes, I do use RCMA No Color and love that one just as much. I like this one for the summer because in the blazing heat, this one contains kaolin clay which keeps my face from feeling all hot and sweaty. For oily skin people, this is a great powder too because the kaolin will absorb those oily puddles! The compact is small enough to fit in a pocket and hardly takes up room in a makeup bag. Oh yes, like RCMA, it does set makeup without adding any color. The texture is smooth and silky. When applied, you really don't feel it which is very nice. One to try if you haven't already!

The Refillable Case

This is all I have of 3CC. Remember, if you don't need the compact, go for the pan and they also sell a trio palette to house them in. The palette is very sturdy and well made.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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