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My Favorite Eyelash Curlers of All Time

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*
*If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

My lashes used to be long and luscious but with age, they have become stubs.  More stubby due to my eyelash curlers!  In my post on eyelash curlers, I showed my collection of eyelash curlers.  A small set of various types from full size to mini and heated.  Well, I have narrowed down my collection because two of them sliced my lashes!

I have flip flopped from various eyelash curlers throughout my years as a makeup junkie.  The first eyelash curler I bought was by Maybelline way back in the late 1970's.  After all, I bought the ever popular Great Lash and an eyelash curler had to go with it.  I had no problem with the eyelash curler curling my, then long lashes, but the sponge refill just fell flat and I figured why curl them when the curl wouldn't stay on my Asian stick-straight lashes?  And, reading every beauty magazine back then mostly Seventeen magazine (Anyone remember Tracy and Tara Fitzpatrick? Jane Modean?), it stated not to curl the lashes after mascara has been applied because it could pull them out.  I had no chance in this world at all with all the fearful tactics of the beauty world.  I gave up on the curler throughout my teen years.

Fast forward.  The sponge pad had evolved and some curlers turned out better than others but they were made for caucasian eyes with a deep curve.  The only curlers that worked for me were the ones I bought in Japan.  Then, a discovery which made me into a curler maniac.  I mean I begged for this eyelash curler because back then back in the middle 90's, it had been only sold to dealers.  (Sounds like I had to find me an eyelash curler pimp!) Luckily, a friend owned a beauty salon and I got my hands on the Preo Curl Up Pro (¥3,780 or approximately $40USD).

(This may be rehashing my first post, but I have taken better detailed pictures of it.)

Shu Uemura eyelash curler

I noticed Shu Uemura ($24) has a new lash curler, but honestly have to say from the picture, the construction does not compare to the Preo.

This Preo Curl Up Pro has a shallow curve made for my shallow curved Asian eyes.  There is also a deeper curved one. Yes, the curve of the curler does matters, so next time you are shopping for one, check it out.

The clamping mechanism is the best!  I can control the amount of pressure without squeezing the life out of my fingers.  See the construction? Very detailed and very well made.

What I like about this curler besides the construction is the specially made silicone pad which allows me to curl my lashes after mascara application!  I have no fear of my lashes being ripped out by some monstrous grabbing eyelash curler pad, this one will curl my lashes without grabbing the coating of mascara.  I bought enough refills to last me a lifetime!  In fact, I haven't changed the pads much since they don't flatten that easily.  I think I have changed them about 4x's ever since I bought them!

For a mini lash curler, I did buy the Preo companion called the Prima which is sold in various beauty supply houses here for about $25.

This one is used like a tweezer where I have to squeeze the corner lashes onto the pad.  Some people may find this hard to use but I can tell you the others have sliced my lashes like a Ginsu knife (clean cut)!  This one again thanks to the itty bitty pad can be used after mascara application.

Again, I haved had this one for ages and hardly ever change the curler pad.  I haven't even gone through an entire pack yet.  The pads are washable.

Before I end this post, I have to show you my favorite eyelash separator comb of all time by Kurlash which also made eyelash curlers.  I had this one since I was a teen in the 80's!  I still can't believe it is still going strong!  I did have to glue in the comb after it fell out once.  I did buy another brand to replace it after that happened but didn't like it.  I kept the old friend with me.  It goes wherever I go and I can tell you it has been around the world!

There you have it, my favorite eyelash curlers of all time and my favorite eyelash separator comb!  I don't know if the Preo Curl Up Pro is available in the US or any other country because I haven't seen it in stores, but I have seen similar (like Shu) and as always find disappointment in the construction.  If you do see it in stores somewhere, I would grab it because it is worth every penny! 

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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