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Practical Beauty Tools and Accessories from an Unconventional Mind

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen. No affiliate links. Just linked for your convenience.*

Nowadays, there are many accessories and gadgets aimed just for the beauty junkie.  I find nothing wrong with them.  I just find they are a bit too late to enter my life. 

The Unconventional Beauty Tools

You see, I have habits and my habits came from practicality.  I had to find and use what was there because even 10 years ago, some of the helpful items we see today just didn’t exist or weren’t readily available.  With this dilemma, I had to find substitutes or better items that worked at an affordable price!!

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These are some of the unconventional accessories I have been using for many many years.

Microfiber Towels

First, I do NOT buy this in the household cleaning section or even the kitchen section of a store.  I look for these in the AUTOMOTIVE section.  Why?  They are usually sold in bulk and at a much cheaper price than buying just one single towel!

Microfiber Towels

Second, since they are big, I cut these on the diagonal so I have a triangular shaped towel which I can fold over.  I serge hem these so they don't unravel.  The smaller size is easier to use for makeup.

I use these to swipe off the excess of color products on my brush in between washings.  Sometimes, I may want to use the same brush for a different color, just swipe the brush to get rid of the excess color.

I do find folding the triangles in half better because I always have a clean side.  When one side gets dirty, just unfold and use the other clean area.

The Micro Swipe

Heart Shaped Brush Scrubber

I have had this one for about 10 years now!  I know there is a brand that sells a silicone version of a glove and mat.  So, this one isn't a fancy glove or a fancy mat, it is a lovely plastic heart, at the time only cost me 59¢ (USD)!!! It now costs a whopping 79¢ to 99¢, here because it has no affiliation with any vlogging beauty gurus. (Okay, that was snarky but I am old and part bitch.)

Heart Shape Brush Scrubber

I, actually bought mine at my local Michael's store.  I found it in the art brush section.  You see, makeup brushes originated from art brushes.  Many pro MA's back in the cave days of pro makeup artistry bought these lovely art brushes with soft hair and nickel plated ferrules, only to end up cutting the long handles to suit their needs.

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For what it is worth, for its shape of love and its lasting impression of 10 years; this brush scrubber does its job very well and has paid for itself infinitely!

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You might be wondering why this brush scrubber is important.  Well, some of the makeup, especially with the technologically advanced ingredients get caught on the brush hairs and won't wash away as easily.  Using this brush scrubber, gently removes the grit and some deeply embedded color leaving the brush brand spanking new looking!

The Scrub

Poster Putty

I bet you are wondering what poster putty has to do with beauty.  I actually use these to LIFT my eyes into...NO I AM KIDDING!!!!  I use poster putty to hang my brushes to dry.

Poster Putty

pic from amazon.com

Back in my youth, I remember washing my brushes but never allowing them to dry properly.  This caused a stink in my brushes.  After wondering why, I did open up a certain makeup brush and to my horror I found mold growing.  This completely grossed me out!  Then, I remember reading something about how a makeup brush should hang with the bristles down so the water wouldn't travel down into the ferrule.  At the time, being the non-artist and teenage naive, I didn't think about those brush hanging stands for those artist brushes.  I only had my poster putty.

Hang those Brushes

I applied the putty onto the handles of my makeup brushes at the time.  (I apply this now onto the ferrule, as shown above.  I found out the putty tends to remove the paint off the handles of brushes made after 1990!)  Then, I would just hang them on the edge of a shelf to let them dry.  No more stinky brushes!

Masala Dabba

In India a masala dabba is actually made to hold the different food spices for easy access.  I thought of using it for that reason but prefer spice jars to avoid any spillage.  But this did not go to waste because these stainless steel cups come in very handy for mixing pigment, washing brushes, etc.  And, since they are stainless steel, they won't melt or be destroyed by isopropyl alcohol or any other brush cleaning fluid.

Masala Dabba

I actually bought my masala dabba at Cost Plus for $8.99 with coupon, regular price is $9.99.  I suppose this price is much lower in India but still, $8.99 to $9.99 for seven individual stainless steel cups isn't a bad price.  You also get the big container and that little spoon which both have other uses in the makeup junkie's world.

Freezer Paper

Last but not least, this freezer paper is important part of my makeup life.  It makes cleaning up messes much easier.  This freezer paper is similar to butcher paper.  It has that plastic coating on the inside.

Freezer Paper

I use this to lay on top of my vanity to avoid any stains on it.  I use it when I mix pigments.  I use it for a background when taking certain makeup pictures.  I use it as a disposable mixing palette.  The shiny side is good for the creams while the dull side will capture any of the powdery spills on my vanity and embed them.  When it gets dirty, I just throw it away.  It also protects from major spills.

Take for instance, nail polish.  When I have the time and patience to apply nail polish, I always lay a sheet of freezer paper shiny side up.  Not only does it protect from spills, but the nail polish peels away from the paper.  I suppose if you are into nail art, you can paint some peel-away polish art and apply onto your nails!

There you have it, my practical beauty tools and tips from my unconventional mind.  I am sure you have some too.  If you do, please share!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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