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Kry Kry Kry Out for Kryolan Micro Shades

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!

What are Kryolan Micro Shades? They are little containers of highly pigmented creamy silicone based colors made for the Hi-Def media. The stuff can be used anywhere on the face which makes it a very versatile product. So far there are 15 colors that range from neutrals to a grass green. I bought only two to try out and wished that I had bought more, but I really have way too much makeup and restricted myself.

Kryolan Micro Shades

All the colors go by numbers. I bought Micro Shade 730 and 755 ($16-$20USD each).

  • Micro Shade 730 is a medium neutral brown 
  • Micro Shade 755 is a shimmery sea green with golden glimmer. 

They come in a small airless container that is about 3"/7.62cm high. The airless container is nice since it keeps the silicone based cream fresh but it took me so many pumps that I can do push ups with my thumb alone! I really thought my containers were defective when finally some color spurt out.

730 & 755

The formula which I mentioned is silicone based, is very smooth and refined. Remember, Kryolan is a pro brand so they use better ingredients and more pigment than the usual cosmetic counter brands. This silicone product is so smooth on the eyes that I forget about it when I use it as a base. I can wear it during the hottest summer days and it keeps my eyeshadow creaseless. One squirt is really too much for an eyeshadow application, maybe half a squirt or a third will do both eyes. Yes, it is that concentrated in color. There is nothing thick or tacky about this product. You can also mix the colors to create more. If you didn't like the texture of MAC paint pots because they were thick or just not right, this one is paper thin and as lightweight as a feather.

Yeah, I know this is nothing like the brush post, but I am working on the next "lessons". I just thought a little blurb about a product would be nice because you cult members need to know that this is another rocking product!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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