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Julie Hewett Cheekies and Shimmies

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

During my Julie Hewett ordering hiatus, Julie had introduced a new Cheekie Destiny and a new Shimmy Pixie. I had the other colors so why not adopt these two to join the brood?


Julie Hewett has a collection of creamy cheek colors that range from a pop-of-color to a natural glow. All her cheekies work great as a lip stain and are moisturizing. They also work great as a lip base color for other lip products. As cheek colors, the texture can be slightly greasy at first but it does dry down and a smattering of face powder helps to set it. Julie's collection of colors consist of the following:

A Bit Cheekie!

  • Peachie-bright hot peach with an undertone of coolness (touch of rose)
  • Rosie-bright hot pink rose, gives a flush of color
  • Vampie-a brooding dark plum, great as a lipstain
  • Bette-(the only shimmery one) a gold flecked bronze with a slight undertone of mauve
  • Jami-soft milky mauve rose
  • Natural-soft milky warm nude
  • Destiny-(newest addition) soft milky nude with an undertone of pink

You can wear these cheek creams on top of bare skin to powder foundation. Fingers, brushes, or sponges can be used for application. If you do apply onto powder foundation, make sure to buff off any excess powder foundation with a brush. This will allow a smoother application of the cheek color on top. If you find the bright colors a bit too much, apply the blush before the foundation then go over it lightly with foundation to mute the color. Remember, if you have more than one of these, you can always mix colors to make your on custom color.

New vs. Old Formula

As you can see by the pic, the old and new formula are the same, paraben-free from the start. The amount varies and I took that as a misprint. To make sure I weighed them on a kitchen scale. It turned out to be a misprint-0.42oz/12g is correct.

All of these colors are great for any aged skin. They are sophisticated and fashionable yet not ones that are "in" one season and "out" the next. If you don't like the jars, they now come in pan form which makes it more fun when customizing your palette.


Shimmies are sparkly sheer colors that just add a touch glow to the eyes, cheeks, lips, and body. Recently, Pixie had been added which is the only cool toned shimmy in the bunch.

Shimmy on Down!

  • Cleo-shimmery copper/bronze
  • Goldie-shimmery warm beige
  • Pinkie-shimmery warm ballet pink
  • Pixie-(newest addition) shimmery lavender

All these colors look very colored in the pot but when applied onto skin the concentration of color is spread making the shimmer and sparkles more apparent with just a touch of the color showing through. The sparkle/shimmer factor can be anywhere from extreme to a soft just-a-twinkle glow. If you find the cheekies lack the shimmer you want, these work great together. I also mix these with foundation and concealer just to give some dimension and glow. Using a stainless steel palette or a ceramic tile and spatula, I just mix and apply. I mostly do this during the Fall/Winter months since the foundation/concealer can look a little flat and blah.

New Vs. Old

You can see that the old formula did have parabens. Is there a difference? Like I said in my Hue Colour post: The pigments are more uniformly dispersed which makes its reflective quality slightly flatter compared to the paraben formula. The texture is just slightly less slippery (greasy) than the paraben formula too. Not a big difference but there is some which really won't effect the quality or the performance of the product.

If you do buy a shimmy, I would say the most popular are Goldie and Pinkie since they can work on most skin tones and be mixed with many cosmetics. But don't overlook the new one, Pixie; great for Asians and Olive skintones.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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