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Eye Makeup Brushes By Becca Cosmetics - Part 1

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I can't resist good quality makeup brushes especially when they are on extreme sale.  Recently, Soft Surroundings had (has) a clearance on Becca brushes, some were as low as $9.99USD.

I decided why not buy, I skipped all the other pre-Christmas and post Christmas makeup sales in-store and on the web mostly because I didn't know what to buy and lo and behold the makeup Goddess said, "Olivia, you said you wanted to try Becca brushes.  Here is your chance."  And, I said, "Oh my makeup Goddess, I thank you so much for holding this sale for ME!"  Okay, there really never was a conversation.  I just wanted to see how that would look typed up on this post.  Onto the brushes.

All the eyeshadow brushes I bought are sable hair.  Now, sable hair is stiffer than pony, goat, or squirrel.  With powder they provide a wash when using the tapered part of the brush, to get more color out of them, gently pat the powder onto the lids.  These are also good for applying creams: cream eyeshadows, concealer, etc.  For a precise application with creams, use the tip and draw a line then blend.

All of the Becca eye brushes are made very well.  The ferrule holds the hairs firmly and keeps it shape, unlike a few cheap brands that bend and crimp easily.  The hairs are firmly packed to provide a well balanced application by using the firmness of the brush to apply and blend the color while using only the tip (top) of the brush.  The brushes are also weighted nicely.  They don't feel too light or too heavy in the hand.  If you ever have a chance, try them out.

The following I posted the measurements in the pictures.

  •  Becca Eye Colour 10-This brush is good for applying color on the lid, crease, and orbital ridge.  See the side view, you see how it is tapered, that area is where you want to dip your brush to apply color.  You can also just use the tip for a more precise application and blend with the tapered part.

  • Becca Eye Colour Blender 35-This can be used to apply shadow softly on the orbital ridge also.  The reason why this is an eye blender is because the very tip has width to allow for easy blending of colors.  This one easily softens lines and makes blending faster.

  • Becca Eye Colour Wash 36-This one can be used to apply an all over shadow wash or a wash of color on an already prepped eye.  If you apply a matte eyeshadow first and want a brush that will apply just a touch of soft shimmer on top, this is the brush to use.  Also, works as a great buffer brush for small areas like the under eye area.  Conceal the dark circles, powder the concealer, then buff with away the excess and no cakiness under the eyes.

  • Becca Eye Smudge 37-This one great brush, at least for me because it smudges cream and powder colors easily due to its firmly packed ferrule and tapered tip.  This brush is also good for cutting the crease by using just the tip.  Great for anyone who likes smoky eyes and for Asians with a small lid area.

  • Becca Eye Contour 38-This is a bullet shaped round brush that is firmly packed but allows application with just its tip.  Great for the crease or even to smudge the lower lashline area.  One of the better round brushes out there.

These are the eyeshadow brushes I have and I am not disappointed with them.  At sale price they were worth it to buy.  At full price it would have been a major splurge but I might have bought them if I had a place to see them in person.  This is why I have put those little measurements in the pictures for any of you who have to order them off the net.  I hope it helps some of you.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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