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Luscious Lip Gloss: Julie Hewett Lip Lush

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I am not sure if Julie has reformulated these glosses to be paraben-free.  Mine do contain paraben and I am not dead yet from licking the glosses off my lips as you can determine by this post. 

The texture of these glosses are slightly looser or less sticky than other glosses I have used.  They don't have that option of building up to an opaque finish, pretty much of a sheer finish.  I have also noticed that when I apply these on top of my Noir lipsticks, they will pretty much make them bleed.  However, with the Bijou lipsticks; these work well.  They also have a slight ginger scent which is fine to me since I always eat ginger but if you aren't familiar with it, it could be a bit of an off scent.

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I only have four out of the six Lip Lushes.  The two I don't have are Tish and Chloe.  These Lip Lushes (I feel like I am describing a bunch of gloss-smacking drunks, but I am not.) retail for $20USD.

  • Bardot-shimmery tan bronze, not dark but not exactly light.  Nothing too orange or red. 
  • Harlow-reminds me of Chanel Spark Glossimer.  A shimmery berry red with gold glimmer.
  • Mimi-sheer pink with gold glimmer.  This one is wearable on everyone.
  • Sophia-a creamy warm mauve.  This is the only one without shimmer.  More pigmented than the others.

These glosses can be applied without a mirror since they apply sheer but for a thorough and polished look a mirror is always handy.  They aren't the type to provide the pigment but more to accent what is on like your own lip color, a lip pencil, or any of JH's Bijou lipsticks.  They aren't the shimmery vinyl finish of some of the glosses out there, more like that natural pout of color.  If you have a slight phobia of lipglosses because of the vinyl finish; try these Lip Lushes because they won't make you look like a lush!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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