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3CC - Three Custom Color Specialists Color Makeup

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Three Custom Colors Specialists (3CC) has become an obscure line in the sense that it is hard to get in brick and mortar stores (Nordstrom used to carry it) and online it is available at some etailers but not many; the easiest place appears to be their website.

They are a line that has ready-made colors and will make custom colors on several items like lip products, powder products, and cream products. I haven't tried any of the custom made stuff but if you are searching for discontinued colors of lipsticks, concealers, and such. Just send a request to 3CC and they will try to replicate them.

This post will do with the eyeshadows which cost $22.50USD or $17.50USD for the pan. I prefer the pan only because in the compact there is no applicator or mirror. It is also glued in tight so you have to melt the container to remove the pan. Pan only, these pans are slightly smaller than the 36mm large round pans, but the height of the pan is higher. Keep this in mind when you want to put it into a palette like a Japonesque one; the lid will not close properly.

The shadows are supposedly made in France and looking at the ingredients listing, doesn't contain Bismuth but I would just take this as a cautionary listing. However, the texture is different from other shadows that contain bismuth, these are more powdery and sheer and need to stick to well prepped canvas or a primed eye.

On bare skin it seems too powdery to stick properly onto. The pigment can be opaque but I find it more sheer than the pro brands I have tried like Kryolan and Ben Nye. I find them more sheer than Julie Hewett and Tricia Sawyer. You can use these shadows wet but I found they really don't provide good deep color with just water or for that matter eyeliner sealer. But, if you are looking for good quality with a sheer touch then try 3CC.

These are the eyeshadow colors I have in my arsenal:

  • Cool White-This is a shimmery ice white. Can also be used as a facial highlighter.

  • Snow-This was supposedly made for Angelina Jolie. (Personally, I could care less if a celeb likes a product.) If you are looking for a sheer matte white eyeshadow/highlighter, this is the one. It isn't chalky and thick looking. It can dilute other colors that you may find too dark without adding an extra layer of thick powder.

  • Champagne-This is a metallic champagne that is more of a beige yellow. It is a nice color to wear alone for a nude eye evening look. For mature ladies, this one can emphasize the lines so beware. Also can be used on the face and shoulders as a glowing highlighter.

  • Warm Meadow - Shimmery grass green or similar to Kermit the frog!

  • Cool Meadow - Shimmery green with an aqua touch to it.

  • Copper - Shimmery terracotta brown (very warm).

  • Cool Nectar - Shimmery pinkish peach which also makes a great sheer blush.

  • Warm Peony - Shimmery warm pink not a candy pink that can also be used as a blush .

  • Cool Lilac - Shimmery ice cold lilac.

  • Cool Midnight - Soft shimmery navy blue. Good for a soft smoky eye.

  • Cool Pebble - A soft shimmery taupe gray.

  • Cool Camel - A cool toned Cafe au lait. Good base color for medium dark to dark skin tones.

  • Bronzed Plum - Shimmery plum with a touch of yellow bronze.

  • Brown Sugar - A shimmery dark carmelized color.

  • Bronze - A shimmery yellow brown.

These are all nice wearable colors that go on sheer but can be applied more opaquely with an eyeshadow base. All are clear colors, pretty much the color you see in the pan is what you will get on the skin. They are more powdery which makes them fragile when depotting. They do crack easily. If you can't cope with it living in a mirrorless, non-clear container, go for the pan. Will be back with other other stuff from 3CC.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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