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The Best Damn Foundations in this Universe

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I don’t know about the other parallel universes, but in this one I have chosen foundations which truly work on a level beyond just prettiness.  They work on a complex levels of pigments, skin tones, and lighting.

If you haven’t tried the first two brands, you really haven’t experienced true professional quality foundations.  Both of these brands use different depths of pigments, take for example brown; these brands will contain maybe three different depths of it in one foundation whereas a cosmetic brand will only contain one.  This is why cosmetic brands over time will look flat as the day wears on or even disappear under certain lighting conditions and why these pro brands stay true to color.


Check out: A Visual Guide to RCMA Foundations

RCMA (Research Council of Makeup Artists - 1 oz. $27) is a pro line created by the late Vincent Kehoe. He analyzed every depth and undertone of skin while taking into account extra corrective measures needed to neutralize and shade skin tones.  With all this in mind, the foundations had to work with the lighting in film and television.  This meant a high pigment content and refined oils to withstand any color changes under the heavy studio lighting.

Joe Blasco Foundations

Joe Blasco Foundation  (1 oz at $45) is another brand I found to be just as good as RCMA.  Joe Blasco also worked extensively in the film and television field developing his own line of foundations.  Like RCMA, the pigment content is very high.  The foundations come in many depths and color variations to suit many skin tones.  

Both brands have many colors to suit every ethnicity. Both are free from animal extracts, lanolin, and heavy fragrance to avoid any allergic reactions.

Check out: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Joe Blasco Foundations

MAQpro or Le Maquillage Professionnel

I had been curious about MAQpro (prices vary depending on product) for ages and held off ordering from overseas.  I knew someday it would make it to the North American continent.  Very pricey to say the least now, this is another pro brand which has a very refined mix of high pigment ratio to the waxes and oils.  The texture goes on smoothly and evenly.  Even though I show the concealer/lip/cheek palette below.  I did mix and melt it to create my personal foundation/concealer color. 

The three brands are pro products and they do have a learning curve to them. Unlike cosmetic brands, these products aren’t slathered onto the face.  The product should be scooped out and softened onto a stainless steel plate or ceramic tile.  Not only is this hygienic, it breaks down the waxes for easier application.  Thin layers are the norm with gradual addition of layers for more coverage.  If a sheer application is needed, these three do have a mixing medium or thinner.

Westmore Beauty

This last one may surprise you since it really isn’t a pro product but it is by someone who knows film and television beauty very well, it is by a WestmoreMcKenzie Westmore.

Westmore Beauty has become my holy grail liquid foundation because it has all the qualities of a pro product yet the ease of application of a consumer product.  Pigmented and very mature and wise-owl friendly, this foundation changes the playing field for liquid foundations in both pro and consumer lines.  As I explained, it has reflectivity or properties which allow the light to bounce smoothly off skin, softening without the shimmer.  (I hope this line expands!)

With all these foundations, what becomes important is your way of thinking.  Don’t over prep the skin with a lot of product like moisturizer, primer, highlighting cream, etc.  Depending on your skin, you may not even need moisturizer to get the maximum benefit from these foundations since all have some incorporated into them.  Remember, less is more with these products.

I know these foundations aren’t the usual hyped up list of “beauty” brands.  And, you may find my choices disappointing, but for me, these are the best damn foundations in this universe!!!



*Westmore Beauty is a PR sample.*
*RCMA pic from Camera Ready
*Joe Blasco pic from Frends Beauty

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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