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The Pro Products of Temptu

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

After trying the consumer products, I decided to try some of the pro products.  I bought the S/B Primer, S/B Mixing Medium, Highlighter/Blush set, and S/B foundation in Sand.  I also bought another Temptu concealer wheel since my mum stole the previous one.

The Temptu pro line has three different formulas for airbrushing: Dura, S/B, and Aqua.  The Dura line is alcohol based and very weather resilient.  It is mostly used for the body, prosthetics, and special effects since it can last very well on the skin.  Also great for covering up tattoos.  It isn't something to use on the face since it is alcohol based.  S/B is the silicone based line which I am using now.  This one works for many types of skin and the line doesn't need the airbrush to use.  Foundation can be applied with fingers, brush, and sponge.  Aqua is the water-based line which gives a long lasting matte finish.  Some find it better for oily skins since there is no dewiness like the S/B line.  All these different formulas are used when there is a time and place for them for the individual.  For me, I am going to concentrate on the S/B line.

Primer ($12USD for 1oz)

This is a silicone based primer which is compatible with the S/B line.  Once you hear silicone you probably think slimy and slippery.  Surprisingly, this one looks like a moisturizer and acts like a moisturizer-nothing slick and slippery.  With this primer, the foundation will rest nicely on the skin without feeling like an extra layer, it will move with your skin. This primer is not only restricted to the Temptu S/B line.  If you have a favorite foundation but felt you haven't found a primer that doesn't feel like primer, try this one.

Mixing Medium (½ oz $25USD; 1 oz $35USD, 4oz $120USD)

This is an awesome mixing medium because it has the finest and purest grade cosmetic ingredients which allow for a clear mix with loose pigments.  Okay, I jumped ahead.  Basically, this is the base of the S/B line without the color.  You can use this to thin out your S/B foundations and Temptu concealer wheel.  You can use this as an eye base.  You can mix, like I mentioned first, with minerals to get a liquid eyeshadow.  The texture is a liquid and slightly sticky, not sticky like lipgloss but sticky to allow things to mix or stay on the skin but at the same time to smooth out easily.  You can also use this after you applied your Temptu stuff to correct mistakes without messing up your finished look.

In the picture, you can see that I use just a dot to mix with a loose pigment.  I get a nice consistency that is easy to work with and the color stays!

Temptu Highlighters and Blush Set (7 Piece $45USD)

These are small bottles of color (¼ oz) from the S/B line.  You would think that these are too small but there is more than enough.  Two or three drops is all that is used for an airbrush, and that is really all that is needed (maybe less) for highlighting and blush.  Yes, you can dot these on and spread with a brush, sponge, or fingers.  I do it with a brush because I am a klutz when it comes to airbrushing on my own cheeks.  I can airbrush blush fine on other people, but when it comes to myself-my aim is less than stellar. :P  So, I opted for this kit which contains 4 blushes and 3 highlighters which I use like my blush.  The 4 blushes are Coral-bright beauty coral; Plum-soft warm rose with just a touch of plum depth; Peach-burnt peach which is very neutral; Blush-a soft pink rose.  The 3 highlighters are Pink Pearl which is similar to what I bought in a pod but has more pink interference quality; Copper bronze-shimmery copper bronze; and Gold Shimmer which is self explanatory.

All these can be used anywhere on the face.  They can even be sprayed or applied on the shoulders and décolletage.  You can mix them with each other or mix with loose minerals to get a different color to make a new eyeshadow or blush.

Here in this picture I mixed the Copper Bronze with a warm brown and the result is what is on my eye. 

The texture is next to nothing on the skin and if you prep your skin right, the formula is water and sweat resistant which makes it ideal for summer. 

Foundation (1 oz $25USD)

I bought this one in Sand which is about right but can look a tad too light in the summer.  Yes, my luck, I am always in between the 2 levels of foundation.  The formula is different from the regular brands since it is made for the airbrush; it is more watery so it takes very little to spread onto the skin if you use a sponge, brush, or fingers.  The result is pretty amazing even without the system, it leaves a slightly dewy finish with smooth coverage.

If you find you want less coverage just use the mixing medium to thin it out or if you want more coverage, you can mix it with the Temptu concealer wheel and apply onto the face.  Pretty versatile if you ask me.

Temptu Concealer Wheel ($22USD)

I covered this before and I discovered its versatility.  I can mix the colors in this wheel to get a good match or I can mix with my foundation.  If I want something thinner in texture, I thin it out with my mixing medium.  Never feels dry or tight on the skin and never turns murky in color because of the high quality cosmetic ingredient (which I love about Temptu!).

I think I have pretty much covered some of their consumer and pro line.  Airbrushing is something the consumer has to get used to.  It might look intimidating since the control is in the air and not the pressure from yourself.  That is what you have to really understand and let go of, you have to trust yourself which is easy to do, because it is just makeup and it easily washes off!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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