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The Temptu Airbrush

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.

I have a lot to say about Temptu and I can't do it in one post because their products intrigue me.  The more I play with their stuff, the more versatility I find in them.  Therefore, I will do a series of posts that will cover their consumer-friendly airbrush system to their pro products.  I will also give some tips and tricks which could possibly answer some questions about airbrushing on the consumer level.

A Consumer's Viewpoint

I received a gift from Temptu, a box that contained 2 AIR pod Foundations in Warm Beige.  Now, for some you might think that's great.  Well, I didn't own the Airbrush Makeup System so the pods were pretty much useless for me.  I just looked at them and thought about all the science fiction movies and shows that they reminded me of like Star Trek, The Matrix, and Fringe.  In those, something always pops out of the pods, for me nothing happened.  Maybe, I wasn't incubating them properly. 

So, let me rewind a little.  Before, I received these pods, I did spend time on Joe Blasco's MUAtv and watched JP McCary, Temptu's VP, being interviewed by Mr. Blasco himself.  JP also demonstrates Temptu's Pro Airbrush system.  Both the interview and demonstration are lengthy, thorough, and very interesting (at least to me they are).  JP made a good point in his interview, "the things that scare us are the things we tend to stay away from or not talk about."  Yes, I wasn't really keen on airbrushing because of what he said.  I could be really crappy at airbrushing and disappoint myself, besides I had a routine with my makeup application which this summer really took its toll on me.  I was getting bored of my makeup and I also didn't like how foundation sat on my skin any longer.  I wanted the HDTV foundation look that could only be done via airbrushing.  But did that persuade me to buy the Airbrush Makeup System?  NO.

My mum, who you know is as much a makeup addict as me, saw the box and asked me what it was.  I told her it was a box of pods for an airbrush system.  She gave me a look like, "aren't you going to get the airbrush system?" only it was more in that stern-mother look which really bothered me (no matter what age I am that look will always get to me).  I told her I was thinking about it.  The next thing I knew we were going to Sephora.  She wanted to learn!  She wanted the airbrushed look on her mature skin.  She wanted her makeup to step into the 21st century!  She wanted to try out the system and knowing me she said I would eventually want something more challenging like a pro model, so she could have this one.  It wouldn't be a waste.  (Wait, there is an excuse there somewhere, right?)

Price wise, yes airbrushing is expensive.  Well, more the compressor than the foundation.  It has always been that way and will always be but the results..well more on that later. 

You might think that the pods are expensive, the box contains 2 which are priced at $55USD and contain 0.28 oz each-clearly not an ounce.  Regular foundations, especially luxury brands are priced way more than this.  I know because I am guilty of buying an expensive $175 foundation.  But you are saying that you get more.  Yes, more because the foundation will be applied by hand, sponge, or brush.  It needs more liquid to spread it onto the skin easily whereas the Temptu contains less liquid because it uses air to disperse the color.  You might be thinking then it must use a lot of foundation for coverage.  No, it doesn't take much foundation at all unless you are using it for your body, then you are really better off with a pro model.

The Basics of the Airbrush Makeup System

The Temptu compressor measures 3 ¾" x 2 ¼" x 4 ½" (9.5cm x 5.7cm x 11.4cm) and weighs a bit over a pound. 

In the pic, you can see the power button, just press it turns on and off.  On the side you can see Air Pressure Dial.  This regulates how much PSI comes out of the gun-less for a soft sheer finish and more for full coverage.  I am not sure how high up the PSI goes to but it is enough to offer full coverage finish on the face and spot coverage of a tattoo, meaning it isn't a machine that is used to do full body makeup.  The machine supposedly shuts off automatically if it is on continuously for 15 minutes but I have never had that happen so far since I have never left it on for more than maybe 5 minutes.  Honestly, that is all you need to do your face or even less.  It's so quick!

The Airbrush Gun looks like a dolphin to me, so sleek and aerodynamically molded that you would think it could just swim in water.  (DON'T put your airbrush in water, just an expression!)  As you know, my mum is 72 years old although she doesn't have any arthritic problems, she says for anyone who does this would be easy to hold and control because it just rests in the hand; no need to hold it in between the fingers like the pro airbrush guns.  It is pretty much ergonomically made for consumers.

The airbrush gun with the pod is about 6 ½" (16.5cm) in length.  You can see the Trigger lever at the top.  Pull this back with the finger and it will start blowing out the foundation.  How far the lever is pulled back controls the amount that is blown out.  Now, you may say the dial does that.  Yes, it does, but in certain cases the Trigger is more helpful in controlling the PSI instead of the dial-an example would be covering a blemish via stippling (more on this in a future post). 

The release button is always pressed when the pod is going to be attached or detached.  Some of you may have found the pods hard to remove, make sure you have pressed the button and just pull.  Don't worry, pulling a little bit harder than usual will not break the machine. 

The Air Pod has a window so you can see how much you have left.  You might think you will use a lot but you don't.  If you are finding your pods are emptying quickly then you are either going for full coverage and using it more than the face or using too much.  Remember less is more with airbrushing.  (This will be explained later.) 

Detach the Air Pod and inside pretty much hollow, designed for the pod to rest in it.  What is there is the Air Hose where the air is blown out.  The important point here is to make sure that the air hose in the pod goes into black one in the air gun.

The *Air Pod alone measures about 3" (7.6cm).  Everytime, I hold it in my hand, I think it is some secret weapon for a parallel universe because it is so cool looking.  I expect The Observer (Fringe reference) to come and ask for it, but so far nothing. :p

Take apart the pod and inside you will find in the cap a Poker used to poke the valve.  This stick is found in every cap and easily slides into place when not in use.  It also acts as a cushion for the pod when it is capped.  Shake the container first then poke the valve.  I have found that when you poke it, you might want to do it a couple of times to ensure that it is open because I have noticed the air flow can be restricted-no color comes out.  So, before you think your machine is broken, do that instead and it should start the color.  Also, make sure you hold it vertically when you poke the hole.  Just connect, slide in by holding the release button on the airgun, hose to hose and you are set.

The **machine is pricey and is geared towards the consumer.  Yes, the makeup artist can use it but if you are one that does many faces in one day, your best bet is a pro model with a set of foundations which will be more cost efficient in the long run.  For the consumer, however, this machine does its job very well.  You, the consumer, can go and buy the pro model and all the little bits and pieces and find that the foundations are cheaper when bought in bulk BUT are you willing to take care of the pro model like pro artists?  No matter how many times you use the pro model, you have to clean out the gun thoroughly so it doesn't get clogged and break.  This consumer and ergonomically designed model doesn't need any cleaning, you just take off the pod and cap it.  That's it, no worries. 

Next post, an in depth look at airbrushing and some tips and tricks that help in a better application.

*air pods were gratis
**airbrush system bought with my own money

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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