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The Best Matte Eyeshadows - Viseart Basic Eyeshadow Palette

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

Pic credited to Frend's Beauty Supply

After the previous post of my box of eyeshadows, I have concluded that this Viseart Basic Eyeshadow Palette is one of the best basic matte shadow palettes that exist.  If you don't have this palette; you are a makeup loser.  I first mentioned this palette when I first started my blog here.

I don't know where to start about this palette.  So many things to say about it that I hope I don't forget to say them all while I type this post.  First and foremost, it doesn't come in fancy packaging.  Aw poor you, the one who likes to whip out that heavy compact that looks like it belongs on the vanity of one of Henry VIII's wives.  This is one of those palettes that I consider to be a fortune cookie (<---scroll down to the bottom of that post):  "Like the fortune cookie that is often stale and leaves a bad taste in your mouth, it is the message inside that counts." That's right, the case isn't important.  I even depotted the pans.  Well, actually the glue had melted and the pans just came right out.  I re-potted them into a magnetized palette.  If you are familiar with my other blog Into the Palette, I mention some general matte colors for the tutorials.  Basically if you have this palette, you are set.

What makes this palette great and better from other matte shadows?  As my mum puts it, "it feels so sexy and silky on MY eyes!"  Yes, this is one of the best wisdom-wise woman eyeshadows ever made.  You know how it is, every eyeshadow whether matte or shimmery will look great on a teen to twenty year olds.  Everything just glides on their lids for them and everything from cheap to expensive products will work on them.  How lucky, right?  But in the end, everyone gets older unless you are from Ork. (Mork & Mindy reference) And, sooner or later what applied so greatly during the teens and twenties are going to start mutating on the lids as one goes into their 30's, 40's, 50's, etc.  Hormones, menopause, stress will all add to the frustration of "Why doesn't my eyeshadow look great?"  These eyeshadows, although they are matte, will apply and blend so smoothly and evenly onto the oldest and wisest of the makeup crowd to the youngest.  They will look naturally beautiful and silky on the lids of a 100 year old as it will on a 16 year old.  Let's not forget the men, it will feel like nothing on for them.

This is a pro product.  The colors are pigmented which has to be.  This palette is used by many pro makeup artists who work on film/tv.  Why?  The colors will show up and diffuse evenly with all the lighting like the key lighting and fill in lights.  All that lighting can make non-pro shadows disappear.  These shadows do their job in defining the eyes.  Scared that it is a pro product?  Don't be, the colors will look so natural as is or they can be sheered out so easily by a makeup consumer's touch.  So, unbelievably easy to work with due to the texture.  
These are colors that are basics which means it will color the eye area like a skin tone.  This also means that it makes a great Bridal Palette.  If you are makeup artist who works at many wedding events, this is a definite must-have in the kit.  Or, if you are getting married soon and your head is spinning from which colors to choose so you don't look awful in your pictures, this is the palette.  Maybe, you are just into neutral colors and want a palette that can go from day to night.  Bingo! This is one to have.

One other point that makes this palette great, you can use the colors wet.  They make great cake eyeliners and the colors will look just or even more saturated.  In the picture below, I used only water and the black shows up that evenly and smoothly.  Of course if I used any of the products eyeliner sealants,  the end result would possibly be a longer lasting color.

Black shadow applied dry and wet as an eyeliner.

You might be saying $70USD is a bit high for a bunch of boring matte colors.  Well, if you are an up and coming makeup artist, you will need a neutral palette and a good one that works on men and women of ALL AGES.  You can't go wrong with this one.  For the regular consumer, it is 12 colors of very high-quality pigments.  I bet you would pay that price for just two eyeshadows at the cosmetic counter.  Or you are saying it isn't easily accessible.  You are right, why should a great product that is loved and honored by the best makeup artists be easily accessible?  They know what is good, you know what is publicized.  I would have kept it a secret too but after my mum's raves, I figured not everyone is going to stay young forever.  Maybe, it is the price? Frends Beauty Supply sells it for $68USD but Naimie's sells it for $63USD; the lowest price I have seen so far on the web. Edited to add: Camera Ready Cosmetics now carries this palette for $69.99 and offers international shipping.

I have probably left out other things to say about this palette.  I can't really put down into words all that I feel about this palette.  You might think I am being compensated for this product.  NO!  I bought this with my own money and am giving you my honest opinion.  It is just a great palette that survived my many purges making it one important palette!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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