Stilazzi Make Up Case-The Traincase Recommended By Make Up Roadies

When it comes to traincases, I was late to the game. I didn't own one until a few years back. I wanted one for a long time though but never got around to buying one. I substituted my yearning for those fishing tackle boxes which I found were just made for fishing stuff; makeup was shaped differently and never fit right into those compartments. Others I would see at beauty supply stores which sold those brightly colored wigs. I knew from the store it wouldn't carry that good quality traincase. I didn't want one that fell apart within a year due to the flimsy hardware and thin cardboard. I wanted the ones the pros had! Well, if only Stilazzi was around back then, I could have easily have been satisfied.

Did you know these train cases by Stilazzi were on sale a couple of weeks back?  Did you get one?  If you didn't, this is what you missed.

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This train case ($89.95) has that nice pink metallic trim.  Pretty isn't it?  It measures  13" x 8" x 11" and weighs about 5lbs. empty.  Both of the latches lock with a key.  Inside are three trays.

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The trays measure about 12" x 6 3/4" and are about 1 1/4" deep.  They fold outward, making the length of the case to about 29" (73.7cm).

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Of course, you really don't want to open the trays that far or it would tip due to the weight.  If the trays were upright, the height would be about 15".

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The very bottom of the case measures about 12 3/4" x 7 3/4" x 5 3/4".  Deep enough to hold bottles of foundation and skincare.

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I put all this stuff in the train case which includes my airbrush machine.  I could have put in more little bits and bobs for there was ample room for them.

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I know you have seen similar cases in stores with trays made out of flimsy cardboard.  This one is not the same.  These accordion trays are sturdy, keeping their shape when items are stored.  The case itself is reinforced with pink and silver metal on the corners and side to keep its shape.  It is made for travel if used by a pro and made for the makeup junkie who seriously wants good storage.   Never looks cheap when set in a corner and never looks like a "makeup" case.  It actually looks more like those cases musicians use to store their instruments--cool and sleek!  Now, if only I had a makeup roadie to transport mine!

Update: If you email Stilazzi at and tell them you want to buy one, then they will email your own promo code good for 50% off for one week. But you have to email them by January 31st, 2012.  They do ship international.

Disclosure: Case provided by Stilazzi for review.  However, a makeup roadie was not. 

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