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The Quick Fix Portable Brush - Sephora Brush Wand

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

My wallet cried tears of joy with this brush.  Since my last two post on brushes killed my credit card and not to mention my rationality, I figured this brush post could redeem me somewhat.

This is a Sephora Brush Wand and it only costs $12USD!  There are four brushes, well actually three and one sponge tip.  The brushes are made out of synthetic hair which makes them easy and fast to clean.  They attach together magnetically and will stick to anything made out of steel which includes the makeup pans and such.

Now, I have tried the expensive brushes and the cheap brushes and have to say the price of a brush DOES NOT reflect its efficacy of application (and if I said something different before then just ignore it).  The skill of the person is what really matters.  That means, it is practice and not the brush.  However, I know some of you love the luxurious feel of those expensive high priced brushes and if that makes you feel good then that is great.  Me, I like to find some convenience in my brushes and this is one of the brushes that I grab.

This is the perfect brush for me because I am lazy.  I can't go searching around for my brushes in an overfilled brush stand when I am half asleep (or half awake for you optimists out there).  This one has the majority of the shaped brushes I use on my eyes especially for eyelining.  The sponge to apply shadow, I admit it is a bit on the scratchy side and I use this one for emergencies.  The crease or pointed brush to apply a thick line; the angled one to apply a winged liner or close to the lashline; and the smudge one to smudge a liner.  I usually stack these in twos because they rest in my hand perfectly without the end hitting the mirror during application.  I have the various shapes all in one place.

For some of you who want the luxurious feel of that soft hair will not find it in this brush.  It isn't made for luxury but convenience.  Quality is good enough for it does its job in application.  For me, I like this brush so much that I bought two more!  Yeah, my mornings are becoming a bit easier even when half asleep!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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