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Blot Before You Plot Your Eyeliner

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been taken without my permission.*

Application of eyeliner is a practiced skill but did you know how you prep the application is as important.  The end result could be the difference between a great triumphant feeling or pure frustration.  And, since eyeliner is one of the last eye products to apply onto the eye, you know that messing up and erasing the mistake is not really feasible.

If you use gel or cream eyeliners, here are a few suggestions for any problems you might be having, paricularly dryness of the product.  Some creams do have that hardness to them after long neglect not as bad as gels which can shrink and dry out.   However, this may only be mainly on the surface.  Scooping out a bit with a q-tip and you find beneath the dryness is still a useable formula.  Not only will it allow for fresh application each time; it also avoids contamination within the container.

With the initial scoop, soften a bit of it with the brush.  I usually don't apply what is on the brush just yet because it is usually too much for me to control.  I usually like to start with less and build up to more, just way easier.  Blot some off and there should be just enough on the tip to start.  Re-dipping into the scooped bit is better than going at it at one amount. 

Liquid eyeliner is one liner that allows for few retakes since you can't really change a mistake and smudge it.  Usually, the mistakes occur right out of the container--there is usually too much on the brush.  Blotting off the excess makes application much easier.  See the difference in amount?

Sometimes, the applicator just doesn't feel right.  Just blot some liquid liner and use your own brush.

Back in the 80's, I mentioned pencils were hard and waxy.  I remedied this without the use of fire by scraping color from the tip of the pencil onto my eyeliner brush.  I still do this today because sometimes the tip of a pencil just doesn't allow precision application.

Cake eyeliner is my go-to formula.  Some eyeshadows work well as cake liners also like NARS.  Not all shadows work well as cake eyeliners, experimentation is needed.  Cake eyeliners require a liquid to activate.  Water was the norm way back and still can be.  Eyeliner sealants are popular due to the staying power.  However, my choice has always been the non-oily eye makeup remover which I mentioned here.

As usual, I prefer to do my mixing on the tile.  I usually put a couple of drops of the eye make up remover onto the tile and dip my brush into it then mix with the cake (shadow) liner.  The brush will have too much liquid on it to use straight onto the lashline; therefore, I blot the excess until I see a consistency I like.  (For some cake eyeliners especially Ben Nye since it is so concentrated with color, it takes more liquid to mix, forming more into a liquid liner type texture.)  By the time I have done both eyes, I have dots all over the tile!

For those of you who like cake eyeliners but sometimes find it a pain to wet the brush, as I mentioned in this post here, this is Zig Brush H2O (special thanks to Matthew Mungle for this).

This brush can be filled with water (preferably distilled so it doesn't get stinky) or  a non-oily eye makeup remover.  All you do is fill it up and squeeze the sides until the liquid wets the brush.

The initial squeeze will make the brush too wet, blot the excess then proceed with cake liner saturation.  Again, better to blot excess color before applying.

When you are done, just wash the tip with water and cap until next use.

As you can see, my method of preparation may sound tedious but honestly I don't really pay attention to it.  I just do what I do and the eyeliner goes on.  You don't have to do what I do, they are just suggestions that may help you apply the eyeliner better or easier.  However, you choose to do your application, it is practice that will bring the best results. 

More in the next post.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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