How to Lipstick

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

With HD television and photography and film getting sharper, distinguishing colors are becoming more clear. It is now more important to create and make any part of the face appear three dimensional. But,without having it look too obvious. Unless your goal is some editorial fashion look, the colors used should enhance.

This will allow the face to stand out more naturally and will look good in real life and in photos. I showed in this post how eye shading can create the illusion of depth. After all, making the eyes as pretty as possible is important since they are windows to the soul. And your lips are as important because they speak the words of the soul. Therefore, they need to as much attention as the eyes. You can make your lips look scrumptious without pouting or imitating a groper fish. You just need to have some basic products on hand.

In this palette of lip colors, the lipstick is the Diego Dalla Palma Satin Pink Beige.

To contour that color I chose a lip pencil about two shades darker which is the Three Custom Color Specialists in Mauve.

To define I chose a color almost the same or close to the lipstick color which is Julie Hewett Hue #009.

To highlight I use Three Custom Color Specialists Light Clarifier pencil.

Here is what my lips look like:

See the difference?

Here are my red lips:

I used Julie Hewett Rouge Noir as my lipstick.

To contour I used Three Custom Color Specialists lip pencil in Burgundy.

For highlighting I used 3CC Light Clarifier pencil.

See how the lips are defined and contoured yet they are not isolated.  The dark lip liner divides the lip area from the rest of the face while the bottom lip area is defined.  Yet at the same time the lips are highlighted to appear separate enough from the jaw area.

This is what it takes for making the lips look good.  I am not saying it is a quick solution, but if you are having your picture taken, this method comes in handy.  Now, for an in depth look at this process, check out my tutorial at Into the Palette.

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