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Expanding Your Taupe Eyeshadow Experience - Or How to Add to Your Essential Eyeshadows

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Learning to organize my makeup really makes me feel like a nerd.  Sure, I am a makeup junkie and a makeup applicatior (q-tip), but I don't do the trendy stuff that other bloggers do.  And, being an independent blogger really means I have to watch my makeup budget by understanding what my essentials are and what are my play makeup items.

For me in the beginning of my makeup junkie career, my play items have always been eyeshadows. I loved how eyeshadows could transform the eyes; I could go one day from smoky eyes to nude eyes. Then, one day I woke up and realized playing with my eyeshadows became more of a task. Yes, I was growing old(er). My eye makeup never looked the same because I didn't organize or create my basic set of important or essential shadows. I learned through trial and error and I hope the last post helped some of you.

Now, I know some of you are wondering where to go from the basics of The Fab Four and The Fabulous Taupes.  You build it up with more neutrals to sustain a decent eye look for the rest of the year.  Sounds boring right?  Well, I am not saying don't go for color but for organizing and avoiding a nervous makeup breakdown, adding more neutrals is important.

The Medium Matte Browns 

Medium matte browns in warm and cool tones are important.  They will create that everyday eye look.  I choose a warm and cool tone because, as I mentioned in the last post, due to the change in lighting, weather, etc., having a warm and a cool tone will adjust the eye look to lighting.

Here are true examples of the colors.

Kryolan TV Brown ($6USD pan refill) is a warm amber matte brown.  In many cases I find this too warm but I can't say, I can live without it.  I do need it at times for a natural eye look.

NARS Madrague ($34) - I know this is a duo but to show you what I use for a cool toned medium brown, I use the dark side of the duo.

You can see the difference in tones in the swatches.

The Medium Brown Shimmers 

You can't be all matte all the time. You need shimmer to spice things up!

Ben Nye Pearl Sheen Eyeshadow in Bronze ($7) - This is the warm brown shimmer.

Sephora Collection Faux Fur #48 ($13) - A fairly nice cool tone medium brown shimmer

The Dark Brown Shimmers

The dark browns are for the smoky eye looks or even every day looks depending on how much emphasis you want.

Korres Brun -  This is discontinued and I apologize for using this one as an example.  This is a dark warm shimmer brown.

Urban Decay Busted ($18) - An example of a dark, cool-toned, shimmery brown shadow.

The Black Eyeshadows

And finally you need the black eyeshadows in a matte and shimmer.  Whether you use black or not, you will eventually need these as basics.  They do come in handy for eyeliner when a black pencil or any other for becomes too harsh.  Or when you forgot your eyeliner, remember a non-silicone eye makeup remover always makes an excellent eyeliner sealant. For more on this read here.

TheBALM in Sexy Stacey ($16) - This can be considered a charcoal shimmer and a soft black shimmer for some.  Shimmer is always softer on the eyes than the usual matte.

Viseart Charbon ($21) - Is black as black can be. An excellent matte black that doubles as a cake eyeliner.

These are my picks and examples of what needs or should be added to the basics.  You might have noticed I didn't do a cool dark brown or a regular dark brown.  That is because the dark brown is already in the Fab Four and a cool dark brown isn't appealing on the eyes.  It has a tendency to look muddy or make someone look tired and dead!  (But that is my opinion.)

Why all these different browns?  You may ask.  Well, the medium toned ones will most likely be layered atop of the light taupes and the darker ones on top of the dark taupes.  Yes, I said layered.  I hope to do another tutorial but in the mean time just soak all this information in.   One more thing, since these are like "accessories" to the essentials, they don't need to be pro brands.  You can choose any brand you like from drugstore to the chi-chi high end brands or anything in between.

Hope this helps some of you,



*Nothing to disclose. Links provided for your convenience.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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