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Why Blue Marble Selr is So Damn Good

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

In my last post I showed you the Blue Marble Selr.  I am not sure if it got the rave it deserved from me because I really didn't show how it affects the makeup pigments or for that matter the lasting colors of makeup.

Blue Marble Selr

Before I show you how it looks like when it seals the makeup, I want to explain this is different from other makeup setting sprays.  Blue Marble Selr ($11) the true pro setting spray which sets makeup without fading it.  The consistency is a slightly thicker than water which I find many of the setting sprays to resemble and honestly they just feel like water.  Also, there is no warning on the back saying it is highly flammable because of the alcohol content!


You can see from the picture above, how Brand X on the right resembles water.  (I don't understand how this actually seals or sets the makeup.)  Blue Marble Selr has that slight luminescence and has a thicker consistency to form an actual barrier.

To think that Blue Marble Selr is just a finishing spray is limiting your makeup brain.  You have to expand it:
  • Eyeliner sealant
  • Waterproof mixing medium
  • Waterproof overcoat for mascara
  • Cake mascara activator
  • And some other great makeup mixes

When it comes to just setting makeup, a funny thing happens; makeup glows more and there is an even luminosity.  Check out the eyeshadow look below.  I used my Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow I-318 (Linen Khaki) and sealed it with Blue Marble Selr.

And this is after wearing it for an entire day!

Entire Day of Wear

Now, check out below the difference with and without.


The top picture with the sealant gives the eyeshadows a bit of a boost in luminosity by allowing the lights to hit the pigments in such a way the colors mold to the shape of the eye.  The sealant, also,  keeps them true in color.  The bottom picture falls flat and loses its luster.

Creates a protective barrier, keeps makeup true to color all day, costs less than many of the cosmetic brands; and it does much more than just a finishing spray.

This is why Blue Marble Selr is so damn good!

*I bought these.  You know I did. Links provided for your convenience.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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