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The Addiction to Artis Brushes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I know this is beginning to look like an Artis brush blog but it isn't.  I just figured it would be helpful to post additional measurement information on the rest of the brushes.  For any of you thinking of buying them and wondering about the sizes of these brushes, this can help you.

Artis Brush Packaging - Elite vs. Fluenta

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Artis Brushes come in two different styles the Fluenta and the Elite.  The Fluenta is exclusive to Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.  Besides the style of the brushes, these are made in the USA and are slightly higher in price than the Elite and come in a lovely faux velvet box which can be re-purposed.  On the other hand, the Elite is packaged in a thick cardboard box and comes in various mirrored colors.  They are available at various department stores and specialty beauty boutiques.  Although, they are not made in the USA but in China; they are basically the same length as the Fluenta but with a rubberized handle.  Both styles are made with the synthetic filament called CosmeFibre.  The quality in both designs are the same.  The only decision you have to make is which style you prefer.

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Artis Fluenta Oval 10

Oval 10 Fluenta ($95) - This is the largest brush in the set.  From the size of it, you can apply body makeup with it.  You may think it is too big for the face but once Olivia Sr. used it, she baptized it as her foundation brush.  Foundation goes on in 30 seconds and that is no exaggeration!

Artis Fluenta Oval 10 Brush Head

Olivia Sr. uses the brushes in halves.  The top half applies foundation and the bottom half is left for any powder application on the face.  Quick, easy, no separate sponge needed, no other brush needed for buffing.  This is the Superhero of the brush world!

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Artis Elite Mirror Oval 8

Oval 8 Elite Mirror ($65) - After having the Oval 10 in my hand, this one is small!  Okay, not small small.  This one works great for finishing off the face with powder, applying bronzer, or even foundation application.  Even though it doesn't apply foundation in 30 seconds, it still makes foundation look flawless and airbrushed.  This one is definitely one of good sized brushes to have for many of the face makeup applications.

Comparison Oval 8 & Oval 10 Size

Here is a comparison of the Oval 10 and Oval 8 brushes.

Artis Fluenta Linear 3

Linear 3 ($45) - This brush is similar to a shortened filbert brush.  If you think of it this way, then this brush can be used to apply shadow, blend shadow, and apply liner.  Of course, it can be used to draw on cat whiskers.  Actually, whatever you find you need to apply makeup wise in a soft line, this is the brush to use.  Use it as a quick brow brush.

Comparison - Linear 3 & Linear 1

Compared to Linear 1, this one is much more substantial in density.  Think about that when you are deciding which Linear brush to choose.

Artis Fluenta Circle 1R

Circle 1R ($40) - This is the domed version of the circle brush.  This one is an optimal brush to use on the orbital ridge.  Or a great brush for cream concealers or, again, used as a lip brush.

Comparison - Circle 1R & Circle 1

If I had to choose one,  I would go for the domed one because it is more versatile.  But that doesn't mean Circle 1 is totally useless!

Here are more comparisons of the various Artis brush heads.

Comparison - Oval 8 & Oval 6

Oval 6 is what I consider to be a starter brush.  If you aren't sure of what brush to get, this one is it because it will apply blush in any form so beautifully.  A bit too small for foundation but it will still work and introduce you to the feeling of it.  Also, it won't go to waste because it is a useful size.

Comparison - Oval 4 & Oval 3

Oval 4 and Oval 3 are from my last post and I apologize for not posting a comparison picture there.  If you are wanting just one brush for eyeshadow to try, then get the Oval 3.  It will apply eyeshadow on any shaped eye from Caucasian to Asian, from big to small, from old to young eyes.  Even if you don't use it to apply eyeshadow, it is a killer eyeshadow blending brush!

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I hope this post and the other Artis posts helps you see them in a more clear light.  After all, these brushes are a big investment. 



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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