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All Makeup Roads Lead to the Westmores

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

If you ever want to know the true journey of makeup into the modern society, you should look towards Hollywood and its influence on our culture.  Whether, you apply makeup on yourself, on others, or on the internet; you could say each one of these roads were paved by the Westmores.

pic from wikipedia via alex westmore

To start with, let’s thank first generation George Westmore who emigrated from the UK.  Not even Winston Churchill’s praises could keep this hairdresser and wigmaker from traveling across the pond.  Without George and his six sons Monte, Ern, Perc, Wally, Bud, and Frank; Hollywood probably would have ended up with mediocre makeup department.  And, we as makeup enthusiasts probably would have been looking like mimes!

George Westmore not only had to create the craft of film makeup artistry, he had to invent beauty products which would enhance the looks of actresses on the big screen.  One major accessory which still is important today are the false eyelashes.  Only today, you don't have to make them by hand like George did!

pic from Frends Beauty

The second generation of Westmores extended that beauty road by showing us how makeup added to the character on film.  Makeup helped the actor feel or react to a certain character; enhance the flow of the story which, in turn, would mesmerize the audience.  All this would ingrain a memory of a Hollywood icon into the movie goer (which it still does today).

pic of Perc, Wally, and Bud from wikipedia via alex westmore

Perc, Ern, Monte, and Bud not only created The House of Westmores, a beauty salon catering to the Hollywood crowd; they really created the guidelines of how makeup worked with a character — the balance.  Face shapes, eyebrow shapes, hair color, and even the usage of makeup colors would all be considered important aspects for any actor or actress in film.  These all contributed to the storyline of a film.

By the way, Ern Westmore had his own beauty show on television back in the 1950’s called The Ern Westmore Hollywood Glamour Show.  (Beauty YouTubers need to thank Ern!)

Although, all six brothers had started the makeup genre of special effects, the true growth of this craft would be with Wally, Frank, and Bud.  They also expanded on the importance of detailed work on regular makeup - a small difference makes the biggest impact.  All three were responsible for the growth of makeup artistry into the television field.

Thank Wally Westmore for the epitomized classical look of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Michael, Monty, and Marvin were the third generation of Westmores who brought makeup artistry into the forefront of Pop Culture.  This generation gained the admiration of nerds from around the world!! They gave hope to the child who sat at home on the weekends making costumes and pretending to be some creature from another planet!  There is nothing wrong with wanting to become a makeup artist!

For the fourth generation of Westmores Pamela, Kandace, Kevin, and McKenzie; the possibilities are like a Star Trek movie, another dimension — The Internet.  Everything that happened in past with makeup artistry, now has the path of technology to forge into the future.  Whether, technology is incorporated into makeup formulas and application techniques or reaching an audience instantly through the social media outlets; you know the future evolution of makeup cannot be defined without Westmores!!!

Endnote: Some of you may have wondered why I didn’t talk much of the history of the Westmores.  I purposely did that because the information is right at your fingertips.  What I wanted you to envision is how each generation contributed to the craft of makeup artistry.  Everything that is being done by anyone whether makeup artist, beauty consumer, beauty blogger/vlogger would not have been possible without the Westmores.  The destiny of all makeup today carries the influence of the Westmores.

A special humongous THANK YOU to McKenzie and Kandace Westmore!!! 

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