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Westmore Beauty Coverage Perfector is the Bridge to the Stars

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*PR Sample.  Special thanks to Aldona from Working Beauty for the comic strip!*

If there is anyone who knows makeup from every perspective from someone's skin tone to lighting from natural to artificial, it would be a Westmore.  Then, to take all this knowledge to create a product for the everyday person, who better than McKenzie Westmore.

The Westmore Foundation

I never felt optimistic about a consumer-aimed liquid foundation until now.  Why? This one actually fulfilled all the little thoughts I had in my head about what a foundation should be.  To explain this may be hard so bear with me.

Westmore Beauty Coverage Perfector comes in 5 shades: Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, Dark.  It retails for $32 and can be found currently on QVC.  What made me fall in love with this product is the pro mindset of high quality pigments and ingredients with the ease of application for the everyday beauty enthusiast.  There really is no learning curve to application but more of an understanding curve to this product.

Has the Characteristics of a Pro Brand Foundation

I equate this foundation to a pro line cream foundation.

  • The product is highly pigmented, making it look darker than most consumer grade foundations.  May look peach or orange.  There is an explanation to this.

  • Prep your skin with minimal product.  If you moisturize, make sure to give it time to sink   into the skin.  I never used primer with this product because I found it unnecessary.

  • The size of the dot will determine the coverage.

  • Powder is unnecessary. Really, this is true!

I chose the Medium shade since summer is here and I can handle it being darker.  If I wanted to really match my skin better, I would choose light.  The reason medium does work out is I blend meticulously so it looks like my skin with a touch of bronzer.  I use highlighting powder all the time and that brings this foundation to my regular skin tone level.  See the logic, no need for bronzing powder.  One less step to think about.

The Swatch

The color is dark or peach looking because it all has to do with reflectivity, how lights whether artificial or natural bounces off the skin making the foundation look real, diffused, and smooth all at the same time.   Yes, it is Photoshop in a bottle!   Take a look at the pictures below.

For these examples, I used Olivia Sr. who is a very mature and wise woman.  None of these pictures have been retouched or for that matter taken under good lighting!

One Small Dot

This is one small dot to cover the cheek and jawline area.  The result is a sheer application (3rd picture).  (I use a smaller dot when used as a concealer under the eyes.)  Notice how the flash bounces off the skin softly, THAT is what pro quality foundation will do!

For a medium size dot, this offers medium coverage.  Again, notice how the flash bounces softly off the skin, this is how foundation reflects off lighting or reflectivity.  Many consumer brands don't have this which is probably the reason why I have been so unhappy with the majority out there.

One Medium Dot

The humongous dot which is really too much for the area, this could be used to cover about half the face; offers full coverage.  Notice again the soft diffusion.  Also, notice how smooth it looks!! This is on wise owl skin!!!

One Big Dot

Best tools to use are a foundation brush or a sponge like the Forever Puff.  No need for stippling or some fancy method, just use these tools to spread onto the face.

Best Tools

The foundation really spreads easily while offering coverage and diffusion. Even though it has silicone in it, it doesn't feel like any of the silicone foundations I have tried.

Check out Olivia Sr.'s Review of Artis Brushes


The finish is so lightweight yet offers variable coverage from sheer to full and is sweat-proof and water resistant.  I have worn this on a 105º day and completely forgot I had foundation on!

Sweatproof & Water Resistant

Westmore Beauty Coverage Perfector foundation does close the gap between a pro product and a consumer product.  Pigmented, light-diffusing, weightless, mature-skin friendly, looks good in any light from artificial, natural, to even low-lighting;  this is the Holy Grail as shown in comic strip above.  Olivia Sr. says the foundation makes her skin look 20 years younger, not the usual 10!!!

This foundation gets  the wise owl approval stamp.

Wise Owl Approved

Have you tried this?  Are you willing to try it, now?



*Again, special thanks to Aldona for her great comic strip!*
*PR sample.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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