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The Deluders - A Collection of Reincarnated Colors

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*Special thanks to Aldona.*

My latest mash up of eyeshadows came from my binge-watching of a television show called The Intruders, created by Glen and Darin Morgan who worked with Chris Carter on The X-Files and Millennium.  These two shows were two of my favorite back in the 90's.

Sadly though, The Intruders were cancelled after one season by BBC America. (Poo on them!)  The stories which could have continued in season two would have been limitless and not to mention answering some questions which popped up in the first season like, well, if you haven't watched it; I won't spoil them for you!

As I mixed my little collection of pigments, they began to trigger all these memories in the makeup realm.  And, thanks to Aldona from Working Beauty, it turned into a comical event.

The Deluders

Deluding Oneself

The colors I mixed came from a need for the unsung neutrals, the ones which cosmetic brands would never want to create because for one, they would cost too much (like one penny more in wholesale terms) and two, no pan appeal at all.  They would look like makeup roadkill under department store lights.

So, here in all their glory are the colors in The Deluders Collection.

First There Was Hype

First There Was Hype - This is a soft golden shimmer which sits against a matte base.  Shimmer at its best because it can be used all over the face without creating that overloaded highlighted look.  Remember, when highlighters were the "in" thing?

Been There Done That

Been There Done That - Oh, you know it!  Taupe is taupe but not the same taupe.  I made this taupe because the one I used to use began to turn rancid.  It smelled like cat pee!  Don't ask me how it turned out that way but, yes, a smell should tell you that makeup is no good.

This taupe as Maria from If Makeup Could Talk would call it, "Everybody's Favorite Taupe" (EFT) is a satin taupe which I made sure wasn't too gray, ashy, or even too warm or even too cool in hue.  I wanted it to work with my skin yet have a slight contrast by the unobtrusive violet shimmer.

Spinning My Wheels

Spinning My Wheels -  This one drove me nuts because I wanted a brown to lean this way and knew it wouldn't go into the direction I had envisioned.  If I knew, why not just give up. Right?  Well, I did spin my wheels and eventually just allowed it to go where it was destined to go which is towards a reddish/brown with a slight blue/violet glimmer.

What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around - Yes, that's right.  The ubiquitous nude beige!  What Maria calls "Bare Skin".  A cool toned bare-skin beige that can be worn to lightly contour without looking so obvious or just a one shadow lazy day eye look.

Purquoi Rvenir

Pourqui Revenir - A brown is always needed in a collection or else it just wouldn't make it a neutral collection, would it?  This one is a soft shimmer brown with a soft green to it, nothing out there and probably very boring because it is just too wearable!

Rose Thorn

Rose Thorn - Originally, the code name for this blush was Madison, like the character of the young girl in The Intruders.  Sweet yet bitchy enough to enhance a woman's cheekbones!  The color is actually a chameleon, it can look warm like a burnished peach yet it can turn to a conniving mauve rose.

I tried to swatch them with their true character but it was actually hard.  Here they are in indoor (top) and outdoor lighting conditions with no flash at all.

Swatches !

And the rest of the swatches...

Swatches 2

And here on Olivia Sr. are the colors First There Was Hype used as a brow bone and all around highlighter on bottom eye area and cheekbones; Pourquoi Revenir on lid all the way up to the orbital ridge; What Goes Around Comes Around use around the inner corner of the eye and a bit under the orbital ridge to separate the lid from the orbital ridge.

Olivia Sr.

On my eyes, I used Been There Done That layered on top of a waxy black pencil which I used on my lids.  Then just used the First There Was Hype highlighting color and blended just a bit of the What Goes Around Comes Around to blend then a bit together.

Olivia Jr

Nothing outrageous, just the wearable fast, easy, defined, shaped, and contoured eyes.  Did I do a good job with this mix? Or is it a bunch of "boos" and hissing worth being splat with tomatoes?  OR is it back to my pigsty basement to start all over?  Tell me what you think.  Better yet, if you haven't seen The Intruders, you can watch it on HuluPlus.  I really wish Hulu or Netflix would pick up that show because watching it 3x's after cancellation does not mean it will continue into the second season to answer the hanging questions.  (Stupid television logic resulting from binge-watching.)


*Special Thanks again to Aldona and Maria!*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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