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An Introduction to Artis Fluenta Brushes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

The Artis Fluenta brushes or specifically these toothbrush shapes have been all the rage with many beauty junkies.  I, myself, have been curious but honestly let the hype slip into one ear and out the other.  I figured if I run into them, then I will find out.  Well guess what!

Artis Fluenta 5 Piece Brush Set

When I read Maria's post on these brushes, I couldn't get past the bulky packaging and the plastic.  When I got them into my hand, I still couldn't get past the plastic feeling of the handle and the ferrule which probably means I am old school and am stubborn towards a certain quality of the brushes.  But will I change my mind?

The Handle

What really intrigued me about these brushes were the synthetic hairs.  I am all for synthetics and with each year, technological advances appear to surpass the softness of animal hair.  For these Artis brushes, these hairs are called CosmeFibre from the Taiki Group.

Brush Heads

I may be wrong in what I say so please correct me.  The CosmeFibre name is a registered trademark for the hair on the Artis Brush. This doesn't mean the same synthetic filament can't be found on other brushes.  I am sure you have seen similar brushes for Korean beauty brands.  The name just can't be associated with it.  Also, the Taiki Group has exclusive rights to produce these Artis Brushes, meaning no other company can be associated with the creation of this brush brand. Interpret this information as you wish.

The Fluenta 5 Brush Set ($210 USD) comes in a magnetic-closure box which can be repurposed and it should be because it is one nice bulky velvet-covered box. This set consists of 5 brushes which can do an entire face: Oval 6, Oval 4, Oval 3, Circle 1, and Linear 1. If these brushes were bought separately, they would cost you a total of $235.  You get a savings of $25.

Artis Fluenta Velvet Box

What makes the Artis Fluenta brushes different from the Artis Elite Mirror and the Artis Elite Smoke are the design and price point.  The Fluenta line is a bit higher priced which may be due to the made in the USA status while the other two lines are made in China.  Also, the Fluenta line is exclusive to Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

Check out How To Clean Artis Makeup Brushes

All the brushes are densely packed like no other type of makeup brush, but this doesn't mean they are hard and prickly.  In fact, they are the opposite, they are velvety soft.  All of these brushes work with liquids, creams, cakes, pressed powder, loose powder, gels, etc.  I don't see them not working with any texture. 

Oval 6

Oval 6 Measurements

Oval 6 (individually priced at $60) - This brush size can be used to apply blush, highlighter, contour, and foundation.  Some might find this one kind of small for foundation and it can be.  BUT, it does allow the foundation to be applied easily around the eyes and nose due to the size.  This is a good size to have.

Oval 4

Oval 4 Measurements

Oval 4 (individually priced at $50) - This one is good for the application of concealer around the eyes, nose, and mouth area.  For eyeshadow, it would be used for an all over color.  I, honestly find this one a bit too large to use on the lids.

Oval 3

Oval 3 Measurements

Oval 3 (individually priced at $45) - I would say this is the size to choose if you wanted an all around eyeshadow brush.  The size is perfect.  It isn't too big for the lids, nor is it too small for above the lids.  This size of this brush alone probably could apply most of your eye makeup.

Circle 1

Circle 1 Measurements

Circle 1 (individually priced at $40) - This brush has the flat top while Circle 1R has a domed one.  This brush can be used to apply eyeshadow onto the lids or the orbital ridge.  Don't forget the lipstick.  Even though it isn't as small as the average lip brush, this one does allow more color onto the lip.

Linear 1

Linear 1 Measurements

Linear 1 (individually priced at $40) - This is the eyeliner, lipliner, and eyebrow brush.  OR you can use it to draw cat whiskers!  The tip is slightly beveled which allows a product to grab better when applied onto the skin.  The only problem I would find with this brush is applying gel liner, the entire brush may not fit into some containers.  Therefore, you might be forced to use just the 1/4 of the end.

These brushes are made out of plastic as mentioned in the beginning.  There is no wood or metal parts.  I can't say this is a bad thing or a good thing but for some who are so used to the feel of wood and metal between their fingers, these might feel strange.  Also, the shape may be hard to adapt to.  They do take up more space due to the curve of the brush head.

For durability, so far I have washed these with Dawn dish soap this time and not Ivory.  You know me, I wash my brushes the way I have washed my other brushes for years which is with dish soap and not some fancy brush cleaner.  I ended up soaking them accidentally in the bubbly water for about 25 minutes.  They came out unscathed and intact.  I also have dipped them in isopropyl alcohol and found the plastic to be in its original condition and same with the brush hairs.  So far so good in the cleaning and sanitizing area.

Well, you might be wondering how these work.  That is for another post!

To Be Continued



*A very special thanks to Gail!!! xoxo*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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