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Artis Fluenta Brush Review by a 70+ Year Old Makeup Junkie

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

By now you have probably seen the videos and read reviews about these Artis Brushes.  There are too many of them especially within a certain age bracket where anything would look good.  Therefore, I decided Olivia Sr. should review them since she is part of the ignored forgotten generation in makeup and beauty.

Before Olivia Sr. gives her wise owl review.  There are a few points I have to clarify. 

  • I am interpreting her words; English is not her first language.

  • I didn't give her any instructions on how to use these brushes.  I just told her to use them as she wished.  I applied none of her makeup.

  • Olivia Sr. has had nothing done surgically or had any cosmetic enhancements with fillers.  She stays natural and that is her choice.

  • The pictures taken were with a point and shoot.  No fancy lighting equipment, just the regular lighting inside of a house and the crappy flash of a camera.

  • The pictures of Olivia Sr.’s complexion are unretouched.  There is no special diffusion filter, no soft skin filter, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! 

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Now, let's get on with Olivia Sr's review!!!

I have been a makeup junkie almost all my life.  I started in my 20's with Max Factor makeup.  To see how makeup has become what it is today is exciting and confusing.  Some of the new products and beauty accessories make my old mind, sometimes, feel too old.

When Olivia showed me the Artis Fluenta brushes, I thought they were just another "beauty toy".  You don't know how many times I have been duped into buying a certain brush by her raves!  *We both laugh!!!*

Unlike Olivia, I was not intimidated by these brushes.  They may be shaped and designed differently but as soon as they were in my hand; I took control of them!  I could hold them any way I wanted to. 

How to Hold Artis Fluenta Brushes 1

(In the picture above) For powder products, I like to hold it by the middle of the handle allowing the end of it sit and balance in my palm.  This allows for an even application and blending of powder products.

How to Hold 2

For liquids and cream products I prefer to hold the brush (as shown above) higher and close to the brush head.  This gives me control in my application of foundation.  The handle rests nicely in my palm again which gives the perfect balance and doesn't force me to use an extra hard grip of the brush.

How to Hold 3

For eyeshadow application, I like to hold the brush like I hold a pencil or chopsticks!  There is always balance of the brush.

How I Held the Standard Brush

Unlike a regular brush which only has a straight handle, I am controlled by its shape to hold it a certain way which sometimes is hard because the tip ends up hitting the mirror.  Another frustration for me is my sensitivity issues around my eyes.  I can't apply eyeliner without my eyes watering.  Even if I draw a line with a pencil, my eyes begin to water.  A makeup brush is worse, I feel the tips of the hair like pins on my lash line.  Even after removal of makeup, my eyes will always itch.

With the Artis brushes, it is the FIRST TIME in a long time my eyes didn't water or itch during and after removal of makeup!

Oval 4

For concealer, I like to use the Oval 4 brush, the cream spreads better than any finger, sponge, or brush.  The cream not only covers dark circles, it doesn't create a gutter of oil in the fine lines causing separation.  This brush allows for a smooth and even application of the mixture of oil and cream onto the skin and especially around the eyes.

Linear 1

The Linear 1 I like to use for eyeliner.  For this demonstration, I used a pencil and rubbed it onto the brush for better control and to prevent my eyes from watering.  In the past, I have had trouble due to sensitivity getting close to the lashline.  With the Artis, I don't have that problem at all.

Instant Cleaning

To use the same brush for a different product, I wipe the tips onto a microfiber cloth. If the texture of a product is different, example cream to a powder, then I will spray some isopropyl alcohol onto the cloth and wipe and allow the alcohol a few minutes to evaporate to dry.

Density of Brush Head

The brushes, although they have a densely packed head, they do not create a powdery fallout like many of the other brushes, the product stays on the tips of the hairs.  Sometimes, they can pick up, what I think is too much color.  For that I will just swipe the excess onto the cloth, then apply.

Oval 6 Foundation Result

For foundation the Oval 6 works very well for the Ben Nye pancake makeup. It will blend and buff the (water-activated) foundation in one step!  I don't need to use a separate sponge, or buff with a separate brush. 

Oval 6 Blush Application

For blush, it is the perfect size!  No more clown cheeks, the color blends into the foundation and skin.  See the Ben Nye Pancake on my skin?  (You can compare the result from regular sponge application of Ben Nye here.) Looks real smooth doesn't it?  The blush doesn't sink into my old "gopher" holes!!!

Oval 3

For eyeshadow application the Oval 3 may look big but it is just right because I don't need to use several brushes to apply my eyeshadows.  I can use the flat part of the brush, the side edges, or just the rounded end.  This brush like the Oval 6 will blend and buff in one step without any of that irritation of pin-like pokes of some regular natural hair brushes.

  Circle 1

Circle 1 may look like a useless brush but I found it to be one of the most needed. For eyeshadow I can use this to apply shimmer onto the the lid and the corner of the eye. To emphasize my eyes more I will use it to darken the crease (No, mom it is the orbital ridge!), I mean the orbital ridge.

  Circle 1 for Lips

For the lips, the circular surface will apply lipstick smoothly by breaking down the texture of the lipstick with the pigment to allow an even finish.  No need to blot any excess off.

Finished Eye Look with Artis Brushes

This is the result of my eye makeup.  I almost cried (which would have ruined the picture, I waited after Olivia was done).  My makeup has never looked this good or felt so beautiful.  Truly simple to use.  Less makeup is used and less time is wasted.  I even looked into my 7x's magnification mirror and could not believe how smooth everything looked on my very old skin.  I FELT BEAUTIFUL AGAIN!!!

Are these brushes worth the price? YES THEY ARE. They are because they will pay for themselves in the long-run if taken care of.  I don't need 30 different brushes to complete one face.  I can wipe and swipe these brushes and complete a look.  I don't have to be dictated on the straightness of a makeup brush handle.  I can hold these as I wish and achieve a smooth finish every time!  Yes, these get my Wise Owl Approval!!! 

There you have it, a review by a Wise Owl.  I want to clarify I did not put any words into her mouth, only the brushes in her hand.  I, myself, was stunned with silence when she applied her first swipe of the Ben Nye pancake foundation.  I knew from then on, she would not be using any other makeup brush or sponge to apply it.

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Okay, so you read this review, but I bet you are wondering how these compare to their knock-offs.

To Be Continued Again...



*A very special thanks from Olivia Sr. to Gail!!!*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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