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Ziaja Skin Care Milks the Goat - A Skin Care Review

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Aldona has stepped into TUBB (The Unknown Beauty Blog) to continue her series on Ziaja skin products.  This time she is getting close with a goat!  Take it away, Aldona!

I apologize for the long wait for my second post on Ziaja (assuming some of you been waiting for more). Well I hope you did, because I will present you my favourite line of Ziaja products.

Ziaja is an affordable line that was founded in Poland. They create a myriad of products, and most of them seem to do what they say on the tin. I like most of them, love some of them… but there are also a couple of duds like the Jasmine Essence. Here is a continuation of my Ziaja adventure:

The Goat’s Milk Line

This is hands down my favourite line. And probably the first product I was ever introduced from Ziaja was a goat’s milk product. A hand cream that my mother brought from Poland years and years ago. It had such a creamy texture and it absorbed into the skin quickly, yet it felt very hydrating. But the best thing about this line is the smell. Yes, those products do contain fragrance! I am not fussed about that, because this fragrance is a very classic soap/cream fragrance that reminds me of my youth. It has a very clean smell and I just adore it. This line boasts the inclusion of goat’s milk complex (hence the name of the line) which apparently is good for the skin. I say skincare is a lot about psychology. So by putting this on my skin I believe I am bathing in goat’s milk like Cleopatra. That makes me feel awesome and I literally want to start bathing in the products! Too bad this line is targeted towards dry skin and I am more combination skin. But there are products from this line I use and love, and I will review them for you without hesitation.

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Goat’s Milk Concentrate Day Cream with Sunscreen (not available on the US Site ) - This has a rather thick creamy consistency. It is a white cream with the signature smell that I tried to describe above. For the summer this feels too heavy and moisturising for my face. It might actually work in winter because it is not as greasy as one would think.

Day Cream

What I can say is: I have used this regularly (even in summer) on my neck and décolletage in the mornings! It gives me the added bonus of sun protection for those sensitive areas and it moisturises well without feeling too greasy. I love it! So while I might not be using this for what it is meant for, I made it work for me. I love the smell and why the heck not!

If you have dry skin this might work well for you on your face too, and it gives some sun protection. It is not something to go sun-bathing with, but for winter days or shopping strolls it might be just perfect. And if like me, you are combination, then by all means, use it wherever you want,… I might actually use it as a hand cream with added SPF too… Now that’s an idea! 

Goat’s Milk Cleansing Milk and Toner $12.99 / 7 fl.oz - It is a milky texture with the signature smell again. It looks exactly what you would expect from a cleansing milk. It is supposed to be applied with a cotton pad and massaged in. As I am a rebel and disregard any kinds of instructions, I use my fingers. Either way, you need quite a bit of product to cleanse your skin. More than I hoped I needed. I was used to a more high-end cleanser where a little went a long way. Well, NOT with this one, it ain’t! But again, the price tag on this one isn’t that steep. And I can say that it takes off make-up pretty ok and leaves my skin cleansed, without drying it out. 


So it does what it’s supposed to do, but would I recommend it? I don’t know. Use only If you don’t mind the fact that it contains mineral oil and that you have to use a good teaspoon full of product to clean your skin.

Goat’s Milk Mask for Hands and Nails (not available on the US site ) 2.54 fl. oz/ 75ml - I love this stuff! I think the hand stuff from this line is just divine. It harkens back to that hand cream I raved about. And this mask is great too! I think it will work even better in winter time.

Hands & Nails

Obviously it is a very thick cream, when you open the pot you can see that nothing is moving, it is as thick as creams can get! It contains Shea Butter and Canola oil. It is very nourishing. You get 75ml and a little goes a long way, if you want it to be absorbed. Alternatively you can also put a thicker layer on your hands, put on some cotton gloves and go to sleep. When I do that, my hands are ultra soft the next day…

There is also a Regenerating Hand Concentrate in this line which I have not used, but I WILL!

Their Goat’s Milk Hand products are great, and I would definitely recommend them!

Goat’s Milk Face Mask $6.99/5 Packs 0.24 fl oz. each

This is a mask for dry and dehydrated skin. It is summer and I have not gone near this yet. I will definitely use it in winter. For sure… But obviously I cannot give you a review because I have not tested it yet out of fear it might be too heavy at this time of year.

What I am also planning to do is give their body lotion a whirl at some point. Generally Ziaja Goat’s Milk products work well on my skin, and did I mention that I like their smell? And don’t be frightened to use their products for body parts they are not intended for. It works well for me that way… If makeup is about creativity, skincare might also be about thinking out-of-the-box!


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Hmmm, I think this is enough information for one post again. I am still trying my way through their “Sensitive” line as well as some Lemon-y products. Stay tuned


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Thank you Aldona!

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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