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May Lindstrom Products Reviewed With Blunt Honesty

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen*

After updating the blog, my brain is having a very hard time going back into beauty mode.  Therefore, I have asked Aldona to fill in for me.  She is here to review the very popular May Lindstrom brand. 

Take it away Aldona!

May Lindstrom?! Now I have to be honest, I never heard that name until I watched a youtube clip by Stephanie Nicole where she showed her Sunday mud mask regime. Then, I googled and …

The Products

… after recovering from the shock over the prices (I admit I fainted for a moment there) I posted a tweet saying “I curse the day I heard the name May Lindstrom”! Why did I do that? Because I was interested of course!!!

I was looking for a mud mask. My mask samples were running low (I live on samples 50% of the time when it comes to masks) and I was in need of a good product.

But of course I needed to try it first, so I ordered samples from Amazingy (organic online store and they ship worldwide!). I got the The Problem Solver, The Blue Cocoon, and The Honey Mud as well as a sample of The Good Stuff.  I liked all of the products except The Good Stuff (I just got two face oils from Oils Of Heaven *OOH* which were much better absorbed by my face than this).  The Good Stuff wasn’t good enough stuff for me.

But I knew I was in trouble. It all ended with me making an order at Cultbeauty (they also ship worldwide and they were giving away a free The Jasmine Garden with every May Lindstrom order over £100). It was a bloody bargain! (I am actually kidding right now and laughing hysterically)

But I have an excuse, I got all of this for my 40th birthday in almost 2 months… (which gives me enough time to buy myself even more things and write them off as “presents”).

Let me just add: the customer service at cultbeauty is non-existent. I have sent them an e-mail 4 days ago and still waiting for a response. Their shipping, packaging and online store is without a fault though. However, Amazingy had a far better customer service.  Unfortunately, they did not offer The Jasmine Garden for free with their order.

Problem Solver Mask

The Problem Solver Mask ($90) - This is the main reason why I bought the products. It is a clay based mask in dry format. It is a powder that has to be activated with water first and then put on your skin. When you open the jar, you already smell a spicy scent. According to May Lindstrom you need to mix it 1:1 with water. According to Stephanie Nicole you can mix this in with 1x Problem Solver, 1/2x Honey Mud, and 1/2x Water. You could also experiment (like I did) with organic honey and goat yoghurt and a drop of water…

Here is the outcome:


During the treatment I felt a warming sensation and at some point the mask dried down quite a bit. After 45 minutes I took it off with a muslin cloth (any towel will do, but beware it can leave stains) and my face felt renewed, peeled and really nice. This is a winner product for me and the reason I splurged!

The Blue Cocoon Balm ($160) - I cannot say much about this, because it is not about what it does, but more about how it makes me feel. From the beginning I fell in love with the scent (which is strong by the way, and NOT everyone’s cup of tea). Then I tried a bit. The balm melts into an oil in contact with skin heat (similar to the Egyptian Magic that a lot of you probably know) but the consistency is so refined. I cannot describe it. I tried it on my face after the mask treatment and it was absorbed quickly, left no residue and I felt radiant!

I think the scent is what made me buy the big jar. When I had the sample size to try, I sometimes just liked to take it out and just smell it… Like a weird person. So basically I decided to get a smelling jar for $160, hah, now you can laugh at me!  When I received the full size it came with a warning though (NOW, a warning? You might cry like Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her. But frankly I had no issues whatsoever)

Blue Cocoon

Is it worth the money? I don't know. For me it is! You have to decide for yourself. But I also want to tell you that there are people who say it is extremely overpriced. To be fully informed, check out this review by Misseffortlesslychic.  (I think she has the most fantastic Italian accent and I love it. She is also brutally  honest. But she did like The Problem Solver though, so I am not all that stupid of a lemming) Did I overpay, of course. Did I fall for the marketing blurb? Probably. Do I regret it? NO! (This basically sums up my life and should be written on my tombstone)

Honey Mud Cleansing Silk

The Honey Mud Cleansing Silk ($80) - Again I love the smell, it reminds me of chocolates filled with honey or caramel, I am bad at describing smells though. A dog could do it better probably (if we could understand dogs that is)… But I digress,… I like the smell a lot yet I don't care for this product as a cleanser. I don't see how this could work as a cleanser as it is quite a sticky consistency. It is really a bit like caramel sauce (oh… no… now I want to eat some). I think it is best suited as a mask and that is how I tested it. It does not have a warming sensation when worn. I took it off after 20 minutes and my face felt nourished and hydrated as well as clean without being oily.  I yet have to try this mixed in with the problem solver, but I am sure it works well together.

The Jasmine Garden ($60) - I have the least experience with this product I must admit. The smell is very strong with this one (a Star Wars pun for those who know the franchise), but it is bearable. I like it. I like the smell of jasmine and I like the feel of this on my face. That being said, it is a face water but nothing extraordinary. I got this for free with my order, would I have bought it for 60$? No! Will I purchase after it runs out (now that I have tried it)? Unlikely. (Unless of course I find a duck that is laying golden eggs, but even then I might have other priorities… just saying)

Keep in mind, May Lindstrom’s line is small, and the products are good quality, that is for sure. They are most likely overpriced but at the same time they make me feel great, so I do not regret my purchase and gladly paid the price for them. I feel like creating a little spa experience at home with these products (and that is also what May bases her marketing on, the at-home rituals). In that they are very clever.

However, these are NOT miracle products that will make me or you look 10 years younger. Most likely nothing will. And actually, why would you want that? For me it is important that a product makes me feel good when I use it and treats my skin well. The smell on these products is strong as I said, but I love all of them. They work on my skin and make me feel radiant. Whether it is a placebo effect or not. I would recommend to try this line first and then if they make you feel like a spa princess, queen or goddess (whichever you prefer), go for it!

Thank you Aldona for your thoroughly honest, uncompensated, and not bribed review!

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May Lindstrom

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!

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