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Best No Color Translucent Makeup Setting Powders

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Hey, You rodeo clowns out there! Yeah, you know who you are. You know you are out there looking at blogs especially the ones that have information on colorless face powders. You don't want to mute all those bright colors on your face with some beige powder. You want one that will just set and not subtract the color intensity. Of course, you other clowns and ones that are mistaken as clowns at the grocery store may find this an interesting read.

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Colorless powders or (sometimes called) translucent powders come in pressed and loose like all the regular cosmetic powders out there. They are used to set color, anywhere from neutrals to the neon brights without muting them. They can be used anywhere on the face and on the body. They also are useful for the makeup artist who has to deal with many skin tones or for anyone who can't be bothered with the different depths of beige or even the pink and green powders. One powder can work on many skintones.

You may wonder why can't I use just a regular beige translucent powder to set my makeup. You can but think of it this way. The powder is like a wood stain. The colored ones allow the finished look to appear but slightly "stained" by the finish of the powder. To protect the finish without altering the color, a clear protective finish is applied onto wood. Colorless powder is the clear protective finish of makeup.

There are several brands that carry colorless powders. I will just name a few just to get the ball rolling. Ben Nye is the budget conscious tv/theatrical brand. Many students start with the Ben Nye line because it is affordable and dependable. But don't let the budget price fool you. Quality isn't always highly priced. Ben Nye has a two versions: the Neutral Set and Belle Visage Colorless. The Neutral set ranges in price from $4USD to $11USD depending on the size you choose. You can buy it in a variety of sizes, anywhere from the individual little salt shaker type bottle to the huge vat of powder. This one also contains an antiperspirant. Very useful if you are on stage or better yet a rodeo clown! The Belle Visage Colorless (VPC-00) is a somewhat a new addition to the Ben Nye line. This Belle Visage line was created for the high def technology. This pressed powder may be used for everyday streetwear as well as film and tv. The price depending on the store can vary from $15USD to $18USD for a compact.

Another brand is Kett Cosmetics. This is a line dedicated to the high def technology. It is a line known for airbrushing but don't let that stop you. The foundation still has to be set and they do make a colorless powder called Kett Sett. It also comes in two forms, pressed and loose which cost $20USD. This one sets the makeup without disturbing or adding unnecessary powdery texture which can be bothersome especially on HD!

Cinema Secrets is another pro brand that carries a colorless powder; the Ultralucent and Light Touch. Both are loose forms and the price differs mostly due to the container. Ultralucent comes in the regular powder sifter jar and costs about $14USD while the Light Touch comes in a regular shaker bottle at $5USD to $8USD depending on the amount you buy. Both have anti perspirant ingredients which makes it great for summer or for anyone who wants minimal blotting of the face.

RCMA (Research Council of Makeup Artists) is another film/tv brand with a colorless powder. The loose powder is priced at $6USD to $15USD which also comes in various sizes. There are two types of loose colorless powder from this line, the regular No Color and the AF Powder. The regular version allows makeup to set without dulling the face. Whereas, the AF powder was devised for "appliance foundation" otherwise known as Special FX makeup. It is used over the prosthetic and latex products to dull some of the shine and also has some absorptive properties to stabilization. The AF comes only in loose while the regular comes in loose and pressed form ($20USD).

Joe Blasco is another line that carries a colorless powder. The loose version is called Ultrafine Setting Powder and costs anywhere from $17USD to $20USD; the same goes for the pressed version. This is a highly micronized powder that will just set the makeup without dulling or changing any of the color. Great for everyday streetwear.

Three Custom Colors (3CC) also has a loose ($39.50USD) and pressed ($22.50USD or $17.50USD pan refill) versions. The no color ones are actually are called Translucent. Although, these may be small sized containers, (the pressed version is a 36mm pan) it takes very little to blot down shine. The size also makes it easy to travel with or keep in a small purse. Also, the kaolin clay absorbs oil and sweat which makes it a great powder during the summer months.

These are just some of the brands of colorless powder. Others that come to mind are Graftobian, Kryolan, Mehron. They are pretty much on par on quality as the others and shouldn't be overlooked. Also, remember a colorless powder can be mixed with pigments to create a toned down version of that pigment should that ever be needed. Yeah, I just saw a couple of light bulbs switch on!

So, I hope I have lightly informed some of you clowns out there. Just remember if someone asks you to make an animal balloon, either you are a clown or you are wearing too much makeup!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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