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Frends Beauty Makeup Haul - The Unconventional

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Every time I look at the Frends Beauty website, I get scared.  Scared because my willpower and credit card will journey into the depths of the deepest corners of cosmetic hell.  Finding a way out usually means fighting off the temptations of the zillions of products offered.  This is probably the reason why I haven’t hauled from them in ages, I was afraid I would lose my makeup soul!

The Small Haul

I restrained myself from buying what I ogled.  I mean all the beautiful cosmetics available online, yet I wasn’t looking for the conventional makeup.  I wanted the unconventional to integrate with all the cosmetics I had.  This is what I ended up with for the time being.

Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels

Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels ( $15) - I really had a tough time deciding between these and a Skin Illustrator Palettes.  You could say it took me about a week to rationalize everything!  It finally came down to the glaze which is a water based and needs no alcohol to activate it. I bet you are wondering how in the world I am going to use these.  Stay tuned! 

Ben Nye Lumiere Eyeshadow - Ice

Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour in Ice ($10) - A basic but good and strongly pigmented ice white eyeshadow.  I can use this as an eyeshadow, highlighter for the cheeks, lip highlight; whatever I want.  It won’t let me down used wet or dry.

The Containers

Twist Top Squirt Bottles ($1) - These are the 1/2 oz size.  I always need these for various liquid stuff from mixing medium to highlighting liquid.  Perfect size.

The Mini Puffs

Esum Pro Pinky Puffs ($21-6ct) - Six little cute powder puffs!  Adorable aren’t they?  I will be doing a review on these.  Handy little things!

What do you think about my haul?  Yeah, I know, “I don’t get it.”  Which is fine because if you did, what would be the fun?

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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