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Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundations

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

Recently, I bought some Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundations (aka Dual Finish Foundations) in the 36mm pan size ($8.50USD). The size is the same as the average large round eyeshadow pan which makes it convenient to put into a palette that houses the large round ones or the freestyle palette like the Zpalette.

Graftobian also sells a palette filled with eight neutrals, eight cool tones, and eight warm tones for $79.99USD. The depth ranges from the porcelain white tones to the darkest of skintones. I didn't need the palette since I was using the powders for myself, so I ended up buying six of them ranging from light to medium dark to accommodate the change seasons and to allow some dimension to my skin during application. Here are the six I bought which I labeled as N=neutral, W=warm, and C=cool:

  • Milk 'N Honey (n)-fair to light-a peaches and cream tone
  • Soft Ivory (w)-for light skintones with a yellow/peach undertone
  • Silk Beige (n)-light to light medium with a very neutral cast for people with a gray undertone (I actually use this one as an eyeshadow color)
  • Satin Sand (n)-it may be neutral but has a slight yellow warmth to it for medium skin tones
  • Honey Dew (c)-slightly pink undertone for medium skin tones
  • Honey Glow (c)-almost a cool tone light bronze for medium dark skintones. I use a mix of all these.

The ones that work for me the most are Milk 'N Honey, Soft Ivory, and Satin Sand. I mix these together and use Honey Glow for depth differentiation on the different planes of the face. It isn't dark enough for actual contouring and not really dark enough for bronzing either, just a natural differentiation for my skintone.

This powder is highly pigmented and feels creamy to the touch thanks to the squalane which prevents the skin from feeling powdery dry, yet the silica keeps the skin softly matte. The pro formula also allows a fast and easy application of coverage on the skin for not only women but men; a soft powder brush is all that is needed to apply an even layer on the face. In real life, the powder softens the look of fine lines and on camera it looks diffused and flawless.

It can also be applied wet for more coverage. A wet sponge swirled into the product makes a paste that is similar to a cream. If you use it this way, I suggest buffing it once to get rid of the sponge marks and to have a smoother finish. You can also apply it dry with the sponge and finish it with a spritz of water, or apply dry and blot with a wet sponge which is my preferred method.

Why do I like these powder foundations? It is a pro product so that means there is enough pigment in it to look like skin and prevent oxidation. The colors won't be easily discontinued; more might be added instead. The price is great especially for a refillable pan ($8.50USD) or the full size comes in a mirrored compact for about $18USD. Coverage is controllable from sheer to full. Great for men too and it doesn't look like makeup on them! Most of all it is so easy to use!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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