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Ve Neill Makeup Brushes

 *Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

Ve Neill is a multi Oscar winning makeup artist. Her work includes movies such as Edward Scissorhands, Artificial Intelligence: AI, and Mrs. Doubtfire. In the makeup junkie world she is probably best known for creating smoky eyes on Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy. She also has a collection of makeup brushes that demand more attention in the civilian makeup world! (At least in my opinion.)

You may be wondering what makes these brushes different from the ones you buy at the cosmetic counters. These have to take the rigors of the professional makeup artist, not just the application of the pretty little containers of color, but the application of special effects makeup like PAX. They also have to last through thorough washings with brush cleaners daily in order to ensure top sanitation practices in the movie world. You don't want an actor to end up with some infection on the skin, this should only happen when it is intended as special effects makeup and not some unsanitary brush. This constant cleaning of brushes means that the glue is a special one usually Nylox and it is heat sealed to hold the hair in the ferrule to withstand acetone, alcohol, and other chemicals. The ferrule should also be firmly sealed to prevent liquids from seeping through and into the handle, preventing the expansion of the wood handle. And, these brushes are made in the U.S.A.

I have a small collection of Ve's Favorite brushes and hopefully I will have the entire collection. These five are the ones I needed wanted: Fabulous Foundation brush, Concealer brush, Buffer brush, Ve's Favorite brush, and Shadow Fluff brush. And, these five are pretty much useful for anyone whether pro or makeup junkie.

Fabulous Foundation Brush ($38USD): The measurements are shown in the picture. This is the brush that I demonstrated in my foundation makeup brush post. This brush is made of synthetic hair so for you vegans out there, this is one that I consider to be the Rolls Royce of vegan foundation brushes! The hair may be synthetic but it is as soft as squirrel hair yet firmly packed to allow perfect application with creams, liquids, and powders. However, do not just think of this as a foundation brush. Lately, I have been using this as a blush brush. Think of it as a brush that "licks" color onto your cheeks, it applies that right amount of color and blends at the same time, don't forget to try it as a bronzer and powder brush.

Face Brushes

Concealer Brush ($18USD): The detailed measurements are shown in the picture. This is another brush that I demonstrated in my concealer makeup brush post. This is another synthetic brush which isn't the same as the yellow/orange taklon nylon you see everywhere; it is a better quality one which firm yet not exactly stiff. The brush may look too long but it really isn't considering the point keeps its shape and the body of the hair works to blend the concealer or whatever cream product that is used. This one also works great as a lip brush.

Buffer Brush ($48USD): The detailed measurements are shown in the picture. This is the brush I used in my Joe Blasco Ultamatte post for blending the eyeshadow. The brush is very firmly packed to buff any type of powder or cream into the skin. Generally, it will blend and diminish any lines of makeup demarcation into oblivion. If you find that your concealer creases into your fine lines under the eyes, chances are it needs to be buffed in. This is one brush that may be costly, but once you use it, there is a BIG difference! This one can also be used as an eyeshadow base brush.

Next up are the two eyeshadow brushes that actually save me so much time when applying eyeshadow. If you have these two brushes and add an eyeliner brush, you pretty much have what you need for the eye area.

Eye Brushes

Very Favorite Brush ($30USD): The detailed measurements are shown in the picture. This is one of the brushes I used in my Joe Blasco Ultamatte post. Again, this is a filbert shaped brush and is sable hair. The cut of the brush is rounded and the sides are chiseled into. It is the all around brush for anything really, it can apply products wet, dry, creams, liquids, powders, etc. The shape of it will allow products to be applied with the width of the side like a cat licking your face, the tip is firm enough to allow application of a line into the crease, and the tip will smudge an eyeliner for that smoky look. A very versatile brush that works with many makeup textures, definitely should be called Everyone's Very Favorite Brush!

Shadow Fluff Brush ($20): The detailed measurements are shown in the picture. This one, I have to say, surprised me because I thought it would just be that regular fluff brush that you buy at cosmetic counters. Just by looking at it, it just looks like a regular eyeshadow brush that will just apply a layer of fluffy color onto the eyes, not exactly. This one applies color with precision. The top of the brush is shaped like a pyramid, well one with a rectangular base. The tip comes to a point which allows color to be applied in the crease and the skinny width of it allows the shadow to be applied into the "corner" area of the eye, defining it in one simple step. Wipe it clean and apply the lid color with the width of it while the pointy tip follows the crease. Wipe it then apply the brow bone color with the flatness of the side. It is an all-in-one eyeshadow brush. Explaining it doesn't help until you actually try it. Let's just say the shape, hair, and firmness/softness of it works so efficiently that your eyeshadow application will be quick!

Well, these are the brushes I use all the time, they are the most useful for everyone. They may not be the prettiest, but once you try one, you will feel the quality and the professionalism of these brushes. And imagine, these are the brushes that touch Johnny Depp's face!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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