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Three Custom Color Specialists (3CC) Crème Concealer/Foundation

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Before I begin my review, the PR of Three Custom Color Specialists (3CC) contacted me and yes I got these free.  Believe it or not I never tried the concealer/foundations.  I don't know why and I really didn't understand why makeup artists raved about these concealers.  But now I do.

Three Custom Colors Specialist Concealers/Foundations

Check out: 3CC- Three Custom Color Specialists Color Makeup

These concealers which double as foundations come in compact form (now with a mirror) at $22.50USD or pan only for $17.50USD.  The one on the left is a sample size of concealer #7 and on the right is concealer #3.  The sample size is an ample one.  When you place an order with 3CC, don't be afraid to request for samples of the concealers to find your perfect match.  There is no risk in picking the wrong full size colors, sample them first.

Sometimes, when you see a line geared towards make up artists, the regular civilian is intimidated.  Usually the pigment is so strong and/or the texture is different from cosmetic counter brands that just using the right amount of color with the usual application is practice in itself.  With 3CC you get the quality of a pro brand and the ease of application.

These concealers/foundations can be applied with a small brush for precision spot concealing.  Fingers can be used to pat onto the skin.  Sponges can be used wet or dry for application; wet it can sheer out the formula to a tinted moisturize effect.  With a foundation brush you can spread it to get the right opacity.  Whatever tool you use, you get the same smooth finish which is why, I think, many pros rave about this product.

The end result is always a smooth layer of color that will cover discoloration or just give that natural finish to the skin.  And, here is the clincher; it works on mature skin!  You know how some lines brag how smooth and flawless looking their foundations are because they only apply it onto youthful skin?  3CC's formula allows the color to sit on the skin and moves with it.  So if you blink, laugh, talk, eat, etc., your foundation will not look cakey or feel dry and tight.  It also has a dewiness to it that sometimes I find lacking in some "HD" type foundations. (This could be due to the silicone content which eventually evaporates and can leave the skin without luster.)  Yet, the smooth finish of 3CC makes it digitally compatible even though there is no special label claiming its territory in the HD arena. 

In my pictures I have concealer #3 and #7.   Concealer #3 is perfect for my skin level which is not quite light or not close enough to medium skin tone with olive undertones.  I also asked for a sample of #7 because when contouring (and highlighting), a variety of foundation depths are necessary.  And, as you can #7 can be sheered out quite a bit.   It also means that blending is easy which is nice when using the different depths of foundation for highlighting and contouring.


Don't be intimidated by the small container, the formula contains just the necessary pure ingredients to make it an adjustable coverage concealer/foundation without the difficulty of having to learn any special application techniques.  A pro product that is wearable for the regular makeup consumer.

*PR sample.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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