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Must Haves From Cinema Secrets, Joe Blasco, and Others

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

My blog will be a year old on June 28th!  It has survived a year! Wow!  I wondered how many people actually read what I write?  I also wondered how many people I have bored.  Yeah, I don't have all the latest brands I know.  (I mention this so many times too.) 

Must Have

Remember, I BUY most of my stuff which leaves me to budget.  I don't want to waste my money on cosmetics just because it looks pretty in the package (although I do get that itch to just splurge on something pretty once in a while) or because some celebrity got the stuff in their swag bag.  I buy because it has to suit my needs at the moment and gives me some experimental options like the following items I have listed.

This is a list of products that I have been using the past year which I believe everyone should give a try.  I have chosen these because they are useful for the consumer or makeup junkie, somewhat easy to use, and have some experimentation options which won't sacrifice the quality of the product.

Joe Blasco Dermaceal $19USD

Yes, I am a Joe Blasco fan because the stuff is great quality.  This is Dermaceal which consists of 85% pigment, providing coverage and staying power.  This comes in fleshtone colors from fairest to darkest, although I have only seen the light, medium, and dark readily available, it does come in fairest and darkest.  It also comes in Red-Away and Blue-Away which neutralizes and covers redness and blueness respectively.  The consistency is a bit dry and hard in texture at first and can easily be softened just scooping onto a  palette or the back of your hand.

Joe Blasco Dermaceal

This stuff can cover birthmarks, broken capillaries, age spots, freckles, and undereye circles.  Use it as is and get full coverage or mix with foundation, concealer, or primer (more explanation on this later) to lower the pigment content but still providing excellent coverage and easier workable texture.

Usually housed in either a screw top or flip top container, I repotted and put them into one container because I use these three colors regularly.  I mix the light and medium together to match my skin tone.  I can also use the light alone as a highlighter.  The Red-Away I use around my eyes to cover the redness.

If you are looking for an industrial strength concealers and/or neutralizers, Dermaceal is the product.

Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Primer $25USD

This is my 3rd bottle.  The more I use this, the more useful it becomes.  Not only do I like this as a primer, but I like to use this to thin out my foundations and concealers.  Like I mentioned in the Dermaceal, you can thin it out with primer.

Cinema Secrets Primer

I like Cinema Secrets because you are getting high quality ingredients that when mixed will not turn the pigments murky-it won't compromise the color of the products.

And let's not forget, as a primer it provides a barrier between the foundation and skin allowing makeup to sit better on the skin.  Remember, if your cosmetics begin to slip and slide off your face, you have used too much of this.  It is a pro product and what is normally applied with other brands, just use half the amount  or less with this one.

This is a primer that can be mixed with many products, experimentation is the key.

Three Custom Color Specialists (3CC) Translucent Powder -$22.50USD $17.50USD pan only

As you can see, this powder has hit pan and is crumbling.  I have been using this more and more because it just melts into my skin without looking like powder.  I become one with 3CC-such a zen moment! 

3CC Translucent Powder

The powder also comes in loose form ($39.50) but here I have been using the pan form.  The color is completely colorless.  At first, it may look white on the skin but as soon as it settles it just leaves a flawless finish of skin.  Nothing cakey, streaky, or powdery; and it is totally weightless, you won't feel the powder on your skin. 

I will confess I have this powder in darker colors because as contour powders, they work wonderfully and look natural in regular daylight.

Stagelight Cosmetics Sparkle Eye Powder in Pink Champagne $9.50USD

I picked this color because not only is it the most versatile color but it will work with many skin tones from light to dark.  The color is a shimmery light pink with beige gold shimmer, the perfect mix of warm and cool.

Stagelight Loose Sparkle

Use it alone as a shimmery eyeshadow or layer it on top of a dark color to soften the look; use it as a cheek highlighter for a soft glow; apply onto lips to catch the light; apply sparingly onto shoulders.  Mix into gloss, powders, nail polish, and even hair gel.  There are probably more uses but my brain is losing its creativity.  A color that adds some fun without looking garish.

Make Up Academy Eye Dust- £1

MUA Eye Dust

It's only a quid, how can you not try it?  This line is like candy for the makeup junkie; need a cheap color fix buy Make Up Academy.  It may be cheap as in money but when it comes to color the stuff is as good as the high end stuff.  This one is shade 5 which I can see on the website is pretty popular.  It is the color I use for a quick and easy semi-smoky eye when layered atop a dark cream or used alone comes out to a soft silvery purple taupe; the color that goes with everything.  Thanks Kelly!  :-)

Three Custom Color Specialist Bronzer $39.50USD loose; $22.50USD pressed; $17.50USD pan only

I have this in loose and pressed form because I love it so much.  Like I said with the translucent powder, this one also melts into the skin and creates a zen moment.

3CC Bronzer

This one is the cool bronzer which I prefer more since my skin is olive and warm already.  Nothing rosy about this bronzer just a bronzer that will look naturally tan.  I have mentioned this many times on a certain board but this is the bronzer to get if you are porcelain or fair skinned and don't want a bronzer to look like mud or dirt.  The color in either cool or warm has a softness to it that just looks like a tan, not orange, not red-TAN as in skin tone.  The powder is so finely milled that it is possible to apply a sheer application if you are a bronzer-phobe and is buildable for more color yet never reaches that point where it looks fake and powdery.  (How do you do it 3CC?)

And, if you want some shimmer in your bronzer then just take some of the Stagelight Eye Sparkle powder in Pink Champagne and mix.  This is why I like the loose version-versatility.

Retreat Shea Butter & Honey Softening Lip Butter-$2.99USD

If you are lucky enough to have Fresh & Easy stores where you live, then try out their lip balm.  I haven't posted a full review of this yet but I can say this is one useful balm since the ingredients are pretty much the base of a colorless lipstick: castor seed oil, shea butter, beeswax, silica, limonene, stevia leaf extract, tocopherol, orange oil, honey, citral, linalool.

Retreat Lip Butter

Use this as a balm or mix to thin out lipsticks or create a lip color with lip-safe pigments.  The balm is not waxy, sticky, or drying but rather a smooth and non-glossy balm with lots of moisture.  Maybe, the only drawback is that it is housed in a pot but I can live with that since the product is really good.

Three Custom Color Specialists Crème Concealer/Foundation $22.50USD; $17.50USD pan only

Yes, another 3CC product.  If you haven't tried their concealer/foundation then you are missing out because this stuff is great quality.  The ingredients are so refined that there is no need for 3CC to make a separate line of HD stuff because this stuff has been ready for HD.

3CC Concealer

The texture is easy to work with for the makeup consumer/junkie because it is a cream that is pigmented yet soft enough to spread easily with fingers and/or brush.  My suggestion is to start out with very little and spread, step back from the mirror and check out the glow that you will get.  Your skin will look like skin.  This is the foundation to use if you want to even out your skin tone without looking like you have a layer of makeup on.

Remember, when you place an order on the Three Custom Colors website, you are allowed to ask for samples of this concealer/foundation; avoiding the possibility of buying the wrong color altogether.

Joe Blasco Cake Eyeliners-$12USD (approximately)

Joe Blasco cake eyeliners come only in two colors: black and brown.  The black is a soft black and the brown is a soft brown.  Great for tightlining if you found some colors tend to make your eyes look smaller than awake.

Joe Blasco Cake Eyeliner

What I like about Joe Blasco's cake eyeliner is the texture.  I usually use just water when to activate.  If I do want more staying power then I will use the eyeliner sealer and other long lasting liquid, but the majority of the time it is good old H2O for me.  Sometimes, though with just water the cake eyeliner doesn't have the right consistency of smoothness and stickiness.  Joe Blasco does.  I just use a drop of water and swirl it onto the cake eyeliner, the texture is a slightly watery cream; not too thick where it gets thick and gloppy and nothing watery where it just looks like a watercolor line.  I get a nice saturated line of color which can easily be manipulated.

I can get a precise clean line just to detail the lash line with a thin brush or wing it out for a retro look.  If I want a smoky eye look, I apply all around the lash line and wait until it dries-then smudge. 

Like all cake eyeliners, this one does take some practice but I found this one to be the easiest one to work with and non drying on the eyes.  And yes, you can use it on the waterline too.

Fyrinnae Arcane Magic in Trickery $6.35USD

Yep, I included Fyrinnae because they make awesome magic, I mean Arcane Magic eyeshadows.  Duochrome was not enough for me.  I wanted quadchrome and Fyrinnae has a nice collection of them.

Fyrinnae Trickery

Some of you may avoid Fyrinnae altogether because the colors may be unconventional and a bit out there for the conservative or for the colorphobe.  The site does carry neutral colors and they also add just that little touch of magic.  I chose Arcane Magic in Trickery because it is one of the perfect color changing neutrals.  The color goes from gold to green gold to peach to a warm taupe; all the soft neutral colors acceptable in any setting.

You can use this alone or what I like to do is to layer on top of a color which could use more personality like a boring bronze.  You might not see the color change personally unless you can step outside your body and look at yourself, but your friends will notice.  Add some simple personality without breaking the bank, besides you can't find magic at a price of $6.35 nowadays!

Ve Neill Buffer Brush $48USD

Ve Neill Brush

This is the last item, I promise.  I included this brush because nowadays buffing is important and I am not talking about the large facial areas like the cheeks and forehead, I am pointing to the small areas like under the eyes, sides of the nose, and mouth.  Yes, I have seen people with powder in that area.  Pretty bad considering I can see it without taking a picture.  Even if you think you have put on a light application of powder, it is a good idea to buff the areas that I mentioned because the camera will pick it up no matter what.  We all know what happened to a certain celebrity.

This brush is made out of sable which pretty much works for both creams and powders.  I do use this for creams especially under the eyes.  Some of you complain that your concealer cakes up in that area.  Basically, the concealer hasn't been properly "settled" onto the skin; you want to make sure you buff in the pigments while the brush picks up the excess oil or liquid base.  Powder and buff away the excess powder for a smooth and long lasting finish.  Do the same around the sides of the nose and mouth.

Remember, buffing doesn't mean rubbing the brush into the skin.  It is just swiping the area softly of the excess stuff that would have been absorbed by the oils in your skin and migrated into the facial lines.

Phew! What a list!  I know some of these are not available in your area but if you ever run into them-try them.  Sometimes, good cosmetics are not housed in pretty packaging and outrageously priced which is kinda like the Holy Grail-a carpenter's cup.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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