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My Perspective on Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels

Previously, I introduced you to the Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels.  These gels are transparent, water-based, high quality colors used mostly by the special effects (SFX) makeup artists community.  These gels create a realistic finish onto skin which allows the color to look like skin and not makeup when it comes to anything in HD.

I have a lot to say about this product, so if you like to read and try to understand my perspective and have a curiosity for these products, please continue.

As I mentioned, these Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels ($15) come in an array of colors ranging from colors to mimic a bruise, to contouring, to just plain beauty blush.  Each color comes in a squeeze bottle containing an ounce of product.  I knew this to be too much so I split these with a friend.  The bottles you see are half ounce and clear.  (I can see how much I have.)

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I chose 3 colors: Sable, Character 2, and Clear.  There is a Gel Re-Mover ($12) to reactivate these gels or to maker removal easier.  I didn’t buy this, I just use a mixing medium of glycerine and water to reactivate.  Removal is simple, a non-oily eye makeup remover or ever just washing with a simple non-oily facial cleanser and water removes the product.

These gels, although water-based, work as a great eyeshadow primer.  None of that silicone wrinkled look on the lids!

These gels can be used to underpaint or color the skin beneath makeup.  They can also be used as an overlay or applied over makeup.  The effect or the outcome depends on how you choose to apply: before or after makeup.

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What you need to have on hand when using these gels is a little container of water to always dip your brush in for a clean start.  Each application needs a brush free from product or else the gel won't apply as smoothly.

I use two small dots, one dot of Sable and one dot of Character 2.  The product dries quickly but you do have enough time to manipulate. 

The first picture shows my eye with a ridiculous amount of color.  The color is transparent and the look would be good for a day out in dusty, dirt ridden, hot day! The second picture, I use the color more sparingly, a light wash which might not seem like much but it is enough to create depth, contour, and shape my eyes. Yes, you got it, it is my taupe!

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You also might think there is no difference between this and a powder taupe.  Well, compare these pictures.

The first set is with a taupe colored eyeshadow powder.  Funny thing about eyeshadow powder as one gets older, the powder has a tendency to look dry on the orbital ridge at times.

Powder or any product that doesn’t reflect light off of your bone structure will look like a product on your skin.  If it isn’t saturated enough with color, it will disappear with lighting.  (This is why your brow bone area looks more prominent because the color disappears in this area due to the bone structure.)

The following pictures use Sable and Character 2 as an underpaint.  No taupe eyeshadow was used.

Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels look like skin, reflect light off your natural bone structure.  It doesn’t disappear.  Therefore, my eyes have the taupe shadow I need.  The gels also make a great eyebrow color, so natural looking.  No more of that overpowering brow dominating stare when you look at your friends!

The Clear Glazing Gel is really used to dilute any color.  But I used it to make loose pigments into a shadow that lasts all day.

So what unraveled my brain when it came to these gels? The perception of what makeup looks on the skin and what these gels don’t look like which is makeup!

With regular makeup, you are applying product to cover skin and to create that perfect finish whether it be with foundation, eyeshadow, etc.  The reflection of the lights bouncing off of the powder or the products used which will hopefully create the look you wanted, making your skin look flawless.  However, when you take a picture, the camera sees ALL the makeup.

Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels changes this perception because the products (colors) allow the lights to reflect off of the person’s natural bone structure, making the colors look like they are on or in the skin.  This in turn gives the most flawless or skin-like finish on camera.  The camera just interprets the color as a skin tone and not makeup!

What screwed me up the most was the amount to be used.  This isn’t conventional makeup, this is makeup with a high quality base, unbelievable clarity of color, saturated pigment, and a versatility in texture.  Takes some playing and practice to understand these gels.  With all these factors in mind, it doesn’t take much product to use.

What your eyes see may seem like so little that you will want to pile on the product.  But when a picture is taken, the camera will see the darkness of that area as blotchy skin.  Therefore, if you think it is not enough, then it is just right!

My Conclusion

These gels are easy to use only if you are willing to change your perspective on conventional makeup.  Conventional makeup can only reflect or bounce off light only so far to make the skin look flawless.  What helps is the aid of a good makeup artist who applies thin layers of makeup, softbox lighting, light panel to create a flawless and perfectly contoured face.  If you don't have any of these, then learning how these gels can create the illusion of a sculptured face or any illusion on the skin makes them a great product!

These Glazing Gels not only look like skin to the naked eye, but they look like skin to the camera making them true makeup for high definition!  These made me realize I can say, “F*ck, taupe eyeshadow!”  I don’t need it anymore because these gels make contouring look REAL!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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