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A Review of the Temptu Airpods

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

*Warm Beige, blush in Vintage Ruby-pink red, and highlighter in Pink Pearl-shimmery light pink are the pods that I have.  They are easily interchangeable during the makeup application process.  What may be difficult is getting used to the concept of airbrushing.  As I used this more I found myself trying to retrain my brain in what is the way to apply foundation or makeup.

First, I find it easier to stand back from the mirror, you know the conventional way you get up close and check to see if the coverage is really there.  Airbrushing you can see better from afar because it is so quick.  If you spend too much time concentrating on a small area, there will be too much coverage.  This brings me to the second part which is always move the airbrush gun for even coverage.  Don't worry if it is too sheer, you can always go back for more coverage.  The third part was adjusting to the feel of the air; I had to trust that the air was applying the foundation.  I felt the coverage after it had been applied whereas the conventional way you can judge instantly with the sponge or brush and just blend more if it isn't right.  Once the brain has been retrained, airbrushing is easy.  (My mum got it in three tries.)


Airbrushing is easy yet understanding that the airflow alone may not allow the makeup to work right.  What you do to prep the skin may affect how the foundation sticks; your primer can make a difference.

Is primer really necessary?  Nothing is necessary in makeup but it might make the finished look appear more professional and longer lasting.  Primer acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup and it is no different in airbrushing but what is different is the formula you choose to use. 

Remember this:  Oil and water do not mix.  Airbrushing has a rule and that is to use products that are compatible.  This means the formula has to have the same base and this is very true if you are a pro MA.  Water based makeup cannot be mixed with oil based or it would clog the airbrush gun.  For consumers, a primer that is water based might not allow for proper adherence of foundation.  Temptu is a silicone based foundation and this means a silicone based primer is your best bet for an even application. 

In the picture below I show the difference.  The foundation on the water-based primer beads up a bit while the silicone based stays smooth.  Go to rub it whether by accident or by layering more makeup, the water-based side comes off by creating a bald spot.

How do you know if your primer is water-based? It will usually be advertised as such or will tout itself as silicone-free.

Concealer, Contouring and Highlighting

Even though Temptu Air Pod Foundation offers great coverage, sometimes more is needed and this is where concealer comes in.  I prefer to apply my concealer the conventional way and before foundation, especially around the eye area.  If more coverage is needed after foundation, for example on a blemish then you can always stipple. 

For highlighting and contouring I also prefer to do it before and that is just my preference.  I do it before because it won't look as obvious when I cover it with foundation-it looks more like a skin tone than just a contour color.

The color I received *Warm Beige is a tad dark but the lighter one Sand would look a bit too light for the summer.  Nothing to worry about though, highlighting first produces a lighter color which would pretty much match my natural skin tone and the Warm Beige alone acts as a slight contour color for my skin.  It works out perfectly! 

In the picture below, the swatch shows highlighting and contouring applied beneath foundation.  (In real life, I would have blended more but for picture purposes I left it as visible as possible.)


Okay, so let's say you have mastered everything and yet you aren't quite happy with the results.  The foundation looks like foundation and not your skin.  This is where you can buff.

Before you buff, make sure the foundation has dried.  If you are a bit impatient, use the air to dry your face; leave your finger off the trigger.  This allows air alone to flow when the compressor is on.  It is also a good way to check on your hand if the air pressure is right for you

Buffing isn't necessary but it does make a difference, especially on more mature skin by allowing the foundation to settle smoothly in between the fine lines and wrinkles.  When you buff, just take a soft brush preferably synthetic and just swipe softly back and forth all over the face.  You just want the tip of the brush hairs to smooth down the foundation and not rub it off.

I do the same with blush.

Buffing will cut down on the shine; although I find it more dewy than shiny.  If you want a matte finish, just lightly powder the areas that you find "shiny".  Remember, that this foundation doesn't contain as much liquid contents as conventional ones, so it doesn't take much powder to matte it down.

Other Stuff

You might be wondering, "How can I apply foundation all over my face when the air is blowing into my eyes?"  Close them.  I wear contacts and I close my eyes.  At first try, you will want to peek through your eyes or have one eye open when you do the front of you face, that's okay but I suggest not wearing your contacts which for me leaves me pretty much blind and the same as closing my eyes.  I judge the amount by the air pressure, you remember what Obi Wan said to Luke Skywalker, "use the force."  Yes, you just have to trust yourself and the airbrush; it becomes a zen moment and you become "one" with the gun.  (I rhymed!)

Any of the colors may be applied onto the eyes if you want, especially the highlighters which make a great eye base since the Temptu formula is water resistant.  Again, like I mentioned above, you have to judge the application by feel or you might want to have a template or card in front of your eye to keep one eye shut for application while the other eye sees where it is going.

I know there is more much has been covered all over the net.  The most important point and like any other makeup technique, it takes practice.  Just because it squirts out of a machine, doesn't mean it will look great automatically.  Bad airbrushing is caused by the person and not the airbrush gun!  Practice makes perfect!

*Warm Beige Air Pod was gratis
Blush pods retail for $30USD and Highlighter pods for $35USD

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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