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A Look at Three Custom Color Specialists Lipliners

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

I first posted about Three Custom Color Specialists Lipliners ($16.50USD) in this post.  I never properly applied each one on my lips to show you the variations in color.  Well, in this post, as I revisit these pencils you can gaze at my lip collage.

Three Custom Colors is a line that is loved by many makeup artists and many cult followers including me.  Their products are made of high quality pigments and are saturated with color.  It is the detail in quality that makes these lip pencils more like quick-fix lipsticks.

Lip pencils when applied onto lips can become dry, murky, and dull.  Not with 3CC, with a lip balm as a base these pencils have the saturation color of lipsticks and like them, these are creamy smooth.  If you are a red lipstick lover, the reds in this line are unbelievably gorgeous.  If you are more into the natural look then the pinks will give you the touch of color without washing you out.  And, for the ones who like caramel tones, the browns won't make you look like you smeared chocolate on your lips.

The variations can be slight and sometimes hard to determine but the difference in undertones is apparent.

  • Warm Brown Dark-a dark maple color
  • Warm Brown Light-caramel color
  • Cool Brown-a soft brown with a mauve undertone
  • Beige-yellow brown
  • Warm Pink-buffed rose
  • Cool Pink-rose pink
  • Warm Red-Garnet
  • Cool Red-has a slight blue undertone but undetectable

  • Salmon-terracotta orange
  • Orange-brown orange
  • Coral-pink coral with just a touch of warmth
  • Mauve-maroon
  • Violet-rose wine
  • Burgundy-plum wine

The last three colors are a bit more varied in color in real life than in the pictures perceive them to be.  But, you can see the saturation of these pencils are amazing and if you ever need one that enhances your lips, you know where to look-Three Custom Color Specialists.

By the way, if you never tried 3CC or are a fan, they do have a special going on now, a Mother's Day Discount-$66.50 Gift Certificate for $33! Treat your favorite mom to a sitewide shopping spree at a discount! Now through Mother’s Day, May 13th, place an order for an e-gift certificate for $33 and she’ll get $66.50 to spend on everything at www.threecustom.com, including Custom Blends and orders from our archive of Discontinued Shades. 

For FREE E-Delivery be sure to use coupon code EMAIL to waive shipping charges if you would like your e-gift certificate emailed to you. Please allow 24 hours for e-delivery when placing orders Monday-Friday and 48 hours on Saturday-Sunday. 

* This offer may not be combined with other offers or discounts and is for online purchases only. * Coupons are valid for 60 days from date of purchase.

They do international shipping.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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