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Need a Mixing Medium: Use Eye Make Up Remover

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Or maybe I should have titled this post "How to Wet Your Cake Part Two" or, better yet, "How to Frost with Cream".  As I explained in my post here, I use eye makeup remover as an eyeliner sealant.  The reason why is eyeliner sealants didn't exist back in the day and this method has never failed me.

In the How to Wet Your Cake, I mention I use Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover ($6). Any oil-free brand can work.  Obviously, the term oil-free is used differently today than years back.  When I mean oil-free, I mean silicone-free or cyclopentasiloxane-free.  You can usually tell the difference between the two types of eye make up remover by (1) the ingredients listing and/or (2) the silicone one has dual layers and has to be shaken (or stirred if you prefer).

*Thank You Matthew Mungle!

I also mention filling a Zig Brush H2O with the eye make up remover for easy usage. 

Okay, so I use my silicone-free eye make up remover as an eyeliner sealant.  What do I use my silicone eye make up remover for?  Well, besides the obvious to remove eye makeup, especially the hard to remove products like gel eyeliner and waterproof products; I use it as "mixing medium".  Say what?

First, I really like the Neutrogena Oil-Free eye makeup remover ($7) - It doesn't sting the eyes nor does it leave a creamy residue, removes pretty much all the waterproof and non-waterproof makeup products without having to rub and scrub.

Getting back on using it as a mixing medium-- yes, you heard me, I use it to mix my cream based products for a more smooth adhesion.  By cream I don't mean the silicone based products.  I mean the wax or oil based products.

Let's take, for example, Hard Candy Glamoflage ($6).  For those of you who own it, you know this is an oily product.  You have to set it with powder to soak the oil and to make it stay.  For some it may not be a bother but for others if you want to use it as an eyeshadow base, the layers of products especially on mature skin can be felt and may not look as pleasing.

Looking at the picture, you can see on the right the dryness due to the powder setting the concealer.  On the left, the application is smoother and if needed can be powdered but with light touch.

How do I mix the products?  The simplest way is to place some into a little container and dip a brush into it, blot a bit off excess, then mix with the concealer.  The formula may take some tweaking which is mostly due to each individual's comfort level in texture.

Another way I use this is with those waxy eyeshadow pencils or those eyeshadow creams. 

For example, here is Sue Devitt Intensifier Pencil which I reviewed here.

I find the texture a bit uneven at times when I am applying it onto my eyes which causes a thickness when I apply powder eyeshadow on top.  I want to use it as a smooth eyeshadow base.  I wet a brush with the Neutrogena eye makeup remover and just swipe the tip of the pencil and apply onto my eyes.

You can see by the swatches the difference in texture.  The mix with the eye makeup remover does leave a smoother finish which allows eyeshadow powder to sit better.

You also may be wondering how Neutrogena works with the powder eyeshadows. 

I still prefer Rimmel for powder eyeshadows since it increases the shimmer and glimmer and also leaves a budgeproof finish to the shadows.  You can see Neutrogena dilutes the intensity.

This method of using the silicone-based eye makeup remover works for oil/wax based products and can be used to thin out silicone based products too.  Just remember, it won't mix well with water-based products because oil and water do not mix.  If you are wondering if the mixed product will become budgeproof, no.  However, it will change the texture into a more smooth finish or prime the eye area without having to set it with a lot of powder thus making makeup look less cakey.  This especially helps if you have mature and wise eyes!

Now that you know how I use my eye makeup removers, go try them out for yourself.  And if you are wondering if the Neutrogena can be stored in the Zig pen, yes it can.  Just make sure before you fill it to shake the bottle to mix the liquids, then when you use the pen, shake it before use also.

*I bought these. Links provided for your convenience.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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