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Taupe Eyeshadow - What is it Good For?

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*Independently purchased.*

Absolutely nothing!  Want me to say it again? Or maybe I should have said "With or Without You".  Song titles aside.  I would consider taupe as just an eye shading color and nothing more.

What is it Good For?

So, you have read my posts on The Fab Four and The Taupe Organization giving you insight on the importance of a good matte taupe eyeshadow.  Now, I tell you it is a good-for-nothing eyeshadow which is true in a sense.

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A matte taupe eyeshadow is just that, an eye "shadow".  It is a color that shades the eye and nothing more.  At least, that is how you should look at it. 

Some of you are probably buying eyeshadow after eyeshadow because when you apply that month-old eyeshadow, something isn't right.  This is where you start looking at the blogs and magazines and blame yourself, the look isn't right because you don't have the latest colors; last month's colors are so passé! 

Maybe, the new trendy colors or the new eyeshadow palettes will solve your problem and make your eyes look "right".

Sound familiar?

STOP BUYING MORE EYESHADOW! ORGANIZE!!!!  You need a good matte taupe!  A taupe made by a pro brand, preferably.  Like a hairstylist, he/she will cut hair by creating guidelines.  A haircut needs the essential guide to create the cut and style of the hair.  Without them, you might as well be hoping and praying a good haircut will form. 

A matte taupe eyeshadow is the guideline for a good eyeshadow application.  It will define and contour while providing a guide for the placement of other eyeshadows.

Here are pictures of my eyes.  I have used the same eyeshadows but the top pictures show them without the taupe eyeshadow.

Front View - Without Taupe & With Taupe

Tilted Back - Without Taupe & With Taupe

Looking Downward - Without Taupe & With Taupe

The usual eyeshadow application consist of what is applied in the top pictures of these three.  It looks normal to you, especially since you are just inches away from the mirror.  But as the day wears on, you catch a glance of yourself and you begin to feel down or night right.   

The taupe eyeshadow balances the look or FOCUS of the eye look for the average distance of how a human will look at you.

Here is one of the same pictures from above but smaller, think of it at looking from a distance.  You see how the bottom picture shows my eyes with depth while the top just appears like buttons?

What the Eyes Look Like from a Distance

And, some of you may start to darken your eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger when (especially if you are a mature woman) it actually makes them look smaller than they really are.  Or you may start layering other colors on top to just hope and wish something will click and make the eyes look right.  Then you get all frustrated and just blend them together and convince yourself you look better without eyeshadow and just buy the pretty shimmery beige and nude eyeshadow colors only to find yourself feeling they aren't right again!  You are just spinning your makeup wheels into the eyeshadow of mud!  Am I right?  OR you feel it is hopeless because you are now just OLD!

Yeah, I know the feeling exactly and this is why I am telling you, get a good pro quality matte taupe eyeshadow because it is the best NOTHING eyeshadow color!

The Difference Taupe Makes

See it again in these pictures.  From the side of the eye, the eyes with the taupe provides the depth, contour, and guide for the other eyeshadows.

If any of what I wrote above sounds and feels familiar to you, do yourself a favor and don't feel down and old because you feel eyeshadow makes you look old.  It may be sold to the young and inspiring but it is the mature and wise that can balance it with the inner and outer beauty!  Go get a matte taupe eyeshadow!!!!  Then go buy all those other eyeshadows you are yearning for!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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