The Definitive Basics of Eyeshadow Part 4 - How It All Comes Together

daytime neutral eyeshadow look

Hopefully, my definitive guides has helped you organize some of your eyeshadow basic woes.  These guides are easier to understand than my previous posts, somewhat of a combination and concise method to what I have written so far on this blog.

The diagrams of the eyes show all the basic placement of each color of eyeshadow.  I did intentionally leave it to the basics and ignored other colors to avoid adding more steps.  I just want you to understand the necessary and basic applications.  In future posts, I will add variations.  For now, just understand these areas of the eyes offer each color maximum shape and definition.

As always, these aren't really rules but guidelines.  However, if you are downsizing or just trying to organize your makeup life, these are the basic colors to have from day to evening.  If you want rules, then I suggest to keep the browns and black as matte because they easily become shimmers when layered on top of shimmers.  And, like I mentioned, matte colors are more saturated in color and are easily diluted when layered on top of a shimmery shadow.

Olivia Sr. (my mum) did a variation of it on her eyes.  She did use shimmer and you can see when layered on top of taupe, the shine softens.  So for you women of mature stature, do not be afraid to shine! 

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