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Deconstructing Heavy Lidded Hooded Eyes With a Tutorial

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Many of you have the heavy lid hooded eyes. Or you may call it the prominent hooded eyes, bulging lid, deep set hooded eyes, or even puffy hooded lids.  Whatever you want to call it, your hooded eyes have the same anatomical structure as any of the other eye shapes.

If you have eyes like Kim, you may consider yourself different from other hooded eye shapes since the shape makes the brow bone area more prominent.  These eyes are no different from any other eyes except possibly ethnic origin.  Nordic or Lapland, or Mongolian descent could be in your ancestry or you are just a unique and beautiful person!  However, like many people who don’t have the “ideal” eye shape, understanding eyeshadow application may be a bit difficult.  Don’t fear, I hope to answer some of your questions and thoughts.

Heavy Hooded Eyes

Like I mentioned in my previous post of the orbital ridge, your bone structure is constant while your muscles and skin are the variables (if you want to put them into mathematical terms).

The Orbital Ridge

The Orbital Ridge

Yes, I start with the orbital ridge because it is damn important!  I have marked Kim’s orbital ridge in the various pictures.  For those of you with a similar eye shape to Kim’s just feel around with your finger for the bone. 

What makes Kim’s eyes different from Asian eyes is most likely the brow bone bulge, it curves more or is more convex than the general Asian hooded eyes.  Also, the bone indentation is more open than an Asian.

What makes her eyes similar to Asians, could be the extra layer of fat covering the muscle of the brow bone area and the epicanthal fold (the tear duct), preventing a dominant crease. 

The Orbital Bone

Here in these pictures, I have marked the approximate location of the slope of the orbital ridge.  And, as I mentioned, the layer of fat or maybe the  muscular structure prevents a definition of the actual orbital ridge.  Therefore making it harder to distinguish the actual bone and this makes the lid one with the orbital ridge.  What is important to remember is to shade the heaviness of the lid while at the same time creating shape to enhance this type of eye.

The Brow Bone Bulge

Breaking down the orbital ridge area, you have the brow bone bulge.

As I mentioned, a taupe will shade this area making it reflect less light than usual yet the eyeshadow will not look dark; it will look contoured, shaded, and shaped.

The Indent

The indentation or the area where the eye muscles are stored to allow the eyes to blink thus creating a crease line. 

The Lid & Crease

The lid area is larger than you think.  The lid color should always go up to the orbital ridge.  Even if you don’t see it when you look in the mirror, when you blink, people will see it.  Also, it will open up the eyes.

Emphasized Orbital

Here is what the heavy lid hooded eye would look like when the orbital ridge is shaded.  Not only does it shade the area, it also shapes and defines the lid area.

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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