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The Best Makeup Brushes to Define & Shape the Eyes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Someone asked me what eyeshadow brushes I used when I did my eyes.  Honestly, at that moment I had to think a bit to remember what my hands grabbed.  I know my habits have changed since I started both of my blogs and I myself wanted to know what brushes I would actually use to get the look from my tutorials.  These are the brushes I used.

The Brushes

The brushes I use most are the ones that have a slightly firm tip, ones that will follow or mark the bone structure of my eyes.  Once I have marked the areas, I just blend.

Round Crease Brush

The first brush I use is the Sephora Round Crease Brush (this quality of brush has been discontinued).  This round brush has a firm tip which will easily mark the orbital ridge with a thick line as you can see. 

Blender Brush

The next brush is probably the most important brush for me, it is the Becca Eye Colour Blender 35. I use this brush to blend the harshness of the lines I have drawn.  The brush hairs are goat hair so they have some firmness to them to blend quickly.  I do have squirrel hair brushes for blending but find they just don’t blend as quickly.

Round Crease Brush Again

Then, using the round brush again, the bullet shaped tip allows me to apply a thick line on my bottom lash line.

The other brushes I used can be categorized as filberts, not the nuts though.  Filberts are also known as cat tongue shaped brushes.  Some filberts are shorter hair length than others and are often called smudge brushes.

Not the Nuts! The Filberts

To highlight or to separate my eyebrow from the rest of my eye, I need to draw a line that will follow it.  This is where my Da Vinci 16 works.  I like to use the tip to draw a line and I use the tip and side to apply more of the eyeshadow on the bottom eye area to highlight it.

The Useful Filbert 1

The Useful Filbert 2

I also use it just to color the inner corner of the my eye and part of the lid.

Alan Goolman Brush

For the lid I use the Alan Goolman sable eyeshadow brush.  I bought this brush way back, maybe in the late 70's or very early 80's!  The quality of this brush is everlasting, just like the Willy Wonka Gobstopper!  I also use the brush to apply color onto the bottom lash line.

Smudge Brush

For enclosing the lid, I use the Becca Eye Smudge 37 brush.  For me the tip and the side applies enough color for my eye shape.

Blender Brush Again

Again, I use the Becca Eye Colour Blender to blend.

Cinema Secrets Eyeliner Brush

For eyeliner I use another true filbert brush, Cinema Secrets Filbert #2This is my favorite eyeliner brush of all time. I think I have mentioned this several times in my past posts.  This brush just has the perfect tip to get close to the lash line.  It can draw the best winged eyeliner or the best tightline or any line.

Paula Dorf Smudger

To smudge the liner a bit, I prefer to use the Paula Dorf Smudge brush.  This is a squirrel hair brush so it is softer and will smudge the line without wiping it off.

Finished Look

Here is the finished look.  It is soft, subtle, and neutral.

You could say I am more of a blender when it comes to application than some fluffer.  Would I apply eyeshadow like this on someone else?  I would for the orbital ridge since it is the most important part in eyeshadow application.  I would want to mark it first then I would blend.

Would this method work for you?  That is hard to say because depending on what you use to prime your eyes and how much pigment the eyeshadow you use has, the brushes could be different.  I just find I like to blend because I like my eyeshadow to look unobtrusive.

Hope this helped some of you!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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