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An Introduction to the Stilazzi Color Line - Pearl Eyeshadows

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.**PR samples*

Some of you may have been perusing the Frends Beauty website after I had posted a sneak peek of products from the Stilazzi line.  I bet you have been wondering if the price of the products reflected the quality of them.  Well, wait no further to find out!

I have to admit I have been slightly frustrated with many of my eyeshadows.  I thought if I ever won the lottery, I would come out with my fantastical line of colors.  However, Stilazzi has wrecked that dream!  (I still want to win the lottery!)

For this post, I am touching on the Stilazzi Pearl Eyeshadows which cost $3.50 each.  Let me just say, do not equate the price with drugstore quality makeup!  The price is low but the quality, pigment, vibrancy, and clarity are all there in these eyeshadows.  The texture of these are probably more recognized by the older bunch of us.  Remember, when eyeshadows were dewy looking in their pans?  They didn’t feel dry or even look dry on the skin.  I thought those eyeshadows were gone forever until I touched these!

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The size of the pans are the same as the average large sized eyeshadows (36mm).  The depth is a bit different as you can see.  Stilazzi has more depth.  The powder is firmly pressed into the pan, yet a brush will lift the pigments easily with minimal fallout.  The only disadvantage to these pans, they are aluminum.  Yes, you need some magnetic backing or some steel pad to apply onto them to stay in magnetized palettes.

Pan Comparison

Here are the description of Stilazzi Pearl Eyeshadows I received.  The pictures are as close to the actual color of the products.  To avoid my skin tone from influencing the outcome of the swatches, they have been swatched onto a cotton ball and on my NC-20-25 skin.

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Stilazzi Pearl Eyeshadows - PS-24 & PS-26

PS-24: This is what I call a cream pearl.  Has the creamy base of vanilla with the shimmer of a pearl.  The color is perfect as an eyeshadow and an all around highlighter for porcelain to medium skin tones.

PS-26:  This is what I consider an all around neutral which pairs nicely with color if you are a color-phobe.  The color is what I describe as a peach beige, nothing to drab and not to peachy.  It can bring neutrality when paired with colors that are too warm or too cool.

Stilazzi Pearl Eyeshadows - PS-20 & PS-44

PS-20:  This is an acid green which really leans towards the cool side of green.  If you aren't used this type of neon green, you certainly will be shocked by this one because of how clear and vibrant it looks in person.  It is actually quite gorgeous!

PS-44:  This is a duochrome shadow.  The color shifts from a medium cocoa brown to a shimmery green.  There is also gold micro-glitter interspersed throughout making it look like little stars on the eyes.  You can have your own galaxy on your lids!

Stilazzi Pearl Eyeshadows - PS-42 & PS-31

PS-42:  I actually named this one Liberace's Blue Jeans!  (I aged myself on that name!)  Flashy yet wearable for a casual look or a dressed up look.  Any of you remember the days of the shrink-to-fit Levi's jeans?  Remember, when they were just this harsh looking hard blue jean?  But after they had been shrunk down and washed to your shape, the ringspun denim created this sheen of blue which made you feel one with your jeans?  Well, this is how I feel about this blue.  A ringspun denim blue with a nice blue sheen and a flash of silver micro-glitter.  This is my favorite blue eyeshadow!

PS-31:  This one is a mauve plum shimmer.  A gorgeous color for dark brown eyes and dark skin tones.  The plum never goes towards that bruised look, it just stays clear and vibrant.  For other skin tones, this makes a gorgeous eyeliner for light to medium warm skin tones.  This could double as a blush for dark skin tones.

Stilazzi Pearl Eyeshadows - PS-11 & PS-41

PS-11:  This one reminds of blue roses!  The color is a fuchsia purple with a slight flash of blue.  Gorgeous on warm skin tones more than cool ones and definitely beautiful on dark skin tones.

PS-41:  This is one of my favorite purples.  Such a clear shimmer violet with just enough silver micro-glitter to make ones eyes flash like a celebrity on the red carpet!  I nicknamed this one Liberace's Jewels!!!!

There you have the Stilazzi Pearl Eyeshadows!  These can be used wet or dry with no problems.  As I mentioned, these are eyeshadows full of clarity and vibrancy.  They also have a dewiness to them which makes them perfect for mature eyes as you can see on Olivia Sr.  She hasn't used any eyeshadow base, just a smattering of concealer as a base.  The eyeshadows used on her were the PS-26 and PS-42 (Liberace's Blue Jeans).

Olivia Sr.

Stay tuned for reviews on the Stilazzi matte blushes, matte eyeshadows, and synthetic brushes!!!


*sent for possible review.  I have no affiliations with the brand.  Links provided for your convenience.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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