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Stilazzi Makeup Products: Matte Eyeshadows & Matte Blushes

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Hopefully, you have read my last post on the Stilazzi Pearl Eyeshadows.  If you haven’t, read it NOW!  In this post, I cover the Stilazzi matte eyeshadows and blushes.  Are they anything like their pearly counterparts?

Stilazzi Matte Eyeshadows and Matte Blushes are just priced at $3. Like I said in the last post, do not equate the price with drugstore quality makeup! 

Unlike the matte eyeshadows and matte blushes you see in the majority of the brands, these colors are vibrant, vivid, and clear.  There is no flatness, dryness, or murkiness to the colors.  What you see in the pan is what will be on the skin (undertones may change it some).

Again, I tried to picture the colors as close to the actual ones, and to avoid my skin tone from influencing the colors; I used a cotton ball as the swatch and on my NC-20-25 skin.

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Stilazzi Matte Eyeshadows

The first two eyeshadow are what I consider to be part of the Fab Four.  The Ivory and the Peach colors.

Stilazzi Matte Eyeshadows - Ms-17 & MS-25

MS-17:  This is a French Vanilla colored eyeshadow.  I wouldn’t completely categorize it as a warm toned eyeshadow because even though it has very slight yellow undertone, the yellow leans towards a cool tone.  The vividness and the clarity of the color makes this an all around matte highlighting color for porcelain to medium skin tones for both cool and warm skin tones.

MS-25:  This is one of the truly best Peach eyeshadows I have seen in a long time!  For you cool toned gals, this is the ONE for you!  Clear, vibrant, with a cool undertone which makes this the most beautiful peaches ’n cream eyeshadow ever!  The swatch shows a concentrated color but it applies less harshly. Doubles as a soft blush!  MUST HAVE!!

Stilazzi Matte Eyeshadows MS-04 & MS-09

MS-04:  Yes, this is an eyeshadow.  I know some of you like pink eyeshadow and this is a pink with just a pinch of rose.  Great as a blush also!

MS-09: This is a terra-cotta brown, a perfect soft neutral for dark skin tones.  Again, this doubles as a blush!

Stilazzi Matte Eyeshadows MS-50 & MS-39

MS-50: This is a medium gray and to say it has a slight tinge of brown is hard.  BUT, it isn’t a death grey where you can look washed out.  I actually use this one as my eye contour color rather than the next color.  This can also be used as a neutral brow color.  This one can be considered to be one of the Fab Four.

MS-39: This is the medium brown which most porcelain to medium skin tones might prefer.  If you have cool undertones, this one will work for you also.  There is no flat, murky gray undertones to make it look warm.  It is just the clearest medium brown/taupe color that works for both cool and warm skin tones.  And, if I am wrong, it just cost a mere $3, less than some drugstore brands! Again, another good one for the Fab Four.

Stilazzi Matte Eyeshadows - MS-14, MS-16, & MS-34

MS-14: If you want a matte orchid purple which looks as pretty as it would on a flower, then this one is for you.  What you see in the pan is what swatches.

MS-16:  This is dark smoky purple.  When black is just too harsh, this one will give the satisfaction of dark without looking boring.  Great for smoky eye looks and as an eyeliner.  Great for dark skin tones also.

MS-34: This is as green as a forest, deeply saturated and clear.  This is one deep green which can bring a bland neutrals to a new level without looking outrageous!

Stilazzi Matte Blush

If you found your blushes looking dry and bland in the pan, it might be time to try these uber vibrant yet wearable ones.  Hey, for $3 you really can’t say you don’t want to try them.

Stilazzi Matte Blushes - MB-15 & MB-19

MB-15: This is what I call the “all around” blush.  It goes with everything and goes with the cool or warm skin tones.  The peach has a bit of pink in it to make cool skin tones warm up without looking too bland and boring.  On warm skin tones, it will cool down the warmth just enough to give the complexion a soft blushed look.

MB-19: Dirty peach or a naughty peach is what I call this one.  The peach in this blush is muted down by a brown but nothing that will make the skin look dirty.  A good neutral blush for dark skin tones.

Stilazzi Matte Blushes - MB-03 & MB-09

MB-03: Okay, you cool toned gals out there.  This is a blush for you!  Bright vivid pink with an undertone of the slightest orchid.  Soft and feminine, if you wanted a true cool toned blush, this is the one for you.  Oh, by the way, warm skin tones can wear this too.

MB-09: Again, this is great for cool skin tones yet great on dark and warm skin tones.  A vibrant and wearable coral pink. 

There you have the Stilazzi Matte Eyeshadows and Blushes.  I bet you are wondering about the texture and how these compare to other brands low and high.


As I mentioned, in my pearl eyeshadow post, the colors have a certain dewiness in the pan; something you don’t see nowadays with many brands.  The dewiness in the formula allows for a much clear, vivid, vibrant, and less drying application upon the skin no matter what age you are.   It also allows better adherence which means you don’t have to use an eyeshadow base.  This is great for some of us who just don’t feel comfortable with one.  The smooth texture also allows easy blending and not to mention easy layering of colors.  Wet or dry, these eyeshadow and blushes are pigmented with color and very true to color on the skin.  What you see in the pan is what will be on the skin.

How does Stilazzi compare to other brands?

You may know about a certain brand that also has a low price and is loved by pro makeup artists because of this.  (The initials of this line is LF.)  Color wise, Stilazzi are way more vivid, clear, and vibrant.  You have none of that murkiness or that slight gray tinge.  Texture wise, these are much smoother and, as I mentioned, less dry looking on the skin. 

There is another pro brand which I give high praise to and the line starts with a "V".  The eyeshadows in that line take the cake on texture BUT it does not have the same dewiness or vibrancy as Stilazzi!  If you are on a budget and you find "V" as a major splurge, go with Stilazzi.

You may also be wondering how this compares to a major brand with great "artistic" eyeshadows.  I prefer Stilazzi because I don't have to use some sponge applicator to apply the shadows.  Fallout is minimal.  Pigment turns out to be the same and texture is much friendlier for the mature woman.

The Stilazzi Eyeshadows and Blushes may be priced at a drugstore level at just $3, but the clarity and pigment is pro level.  The slightly creamy texture and the dewiness in color is what makes the line wearable for many generations.  You need to try this line in order to believe what I am saying!

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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