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Mineral Foundations by DIY Cosmetics

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*I bought these.*

While many have hauled from Sephora thanks to their VIB discount; I again this year have skipped it.  This is mostly due to my un-VIB status.  However, I decided to hunt for makeup, especially mineral makeup elsewhere -- DIY Cosmetics.

DIY Mineral Foundations

My first, love when it comes to foundation, is a powder type out of all types.  Why?  It is fast and easy.  This is why I prefer mineral foundations.  If you TUBBsters read my post on the few I have here, you will notice they all do a decent job.  But lately I found I really can't wear these during the winter months because they tend to look dry.  This is where DIY Cosmetics Mineral Foundation has changed the way I look at them!

Before I get into the DIY Cosmetics mineral foundations, I have to explain that these are sold in little 10 gram baggies for a mere $5.40.  From the bag you might not think this is that much but let's compare.

  • Enough to fill two 30 gram jars 
  • Enough to press and make one 59mm pan (the average powder compact size pan).
  • Ready to press, no other ingredients needed.
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil and sqalane.
  • Only costs $5.40!
Now, to the major popular brand; you know which it is.

  • They sell a special giant size filled with 17 grams for $39.50.
  • The regular size contains about 8 grams and costs $27.
  • Contains bismuth.
  • Can't be pressed but a version of it can be bought for $29 (14grams).
  • No moisturizing ingredients.

I bought five different colors in various depths and undertones.  I figured these would be the colors to make the perfect custom mix for me and a friend, and they were.  Phew!

I had to do the swatches on cotton balls to show the different tones in the foundations.  My skin could not represent this!

The website has a variety of colors ranging from the most porcelain skin with pink, neutral, and yellow to about, what I would call the light-medium range of the ethnic skintone.  If you have very dark skin, you will have to buy an additional base to add darkness or any other color to tweak it.

The foundations are very pigmented.  They will look way darker in the bag than what you are used to seeing in commercial brands.  I consider these to be the RCMA - Joe Blasco of the mineral foundations! 

The Colors

Golden Medium - This one is described to match medium skin tones with an yellow-olive base.  I disagree.  This one is more for the light skin tones with a yellow base. 

Golden Honey - This one is described as fair skin tones with yellow olive.  I disagree with this one too! In fact, the description should be for the golden medium instead.  Golden honey is more of a medium yellow olive color.  For my skin tone of NC-20-25, I found it a bit too dark.

Toffee - This one is described for medium skin tones with a yellow undertone.  I disagree on this!  This is more of a light to medium beige or even close to a peach undertone.

Medium - This is described for medium skin tones with pink undertones.  I disagree!  Even though it looks dark and that is due to the high level of pigment, the color turns out to be more for light skin tones with pink.

Brown Sugar - As I mentioned, the dark in this mineral line really is on the light side.  This is a described as a dark brown with neutral undertones.  I found this to be suited for the light-medium ethnic skin tones.

Okay, so the colors are off but if you are truly looking for a pink based mineral foundation, this line definitely has them!  The pink base will never make the skin look too pink, it will just match and sink into your skin like any of the other colors thanks to the pigmentation.

Even though this is a powder foundation, it never feels like a dry powder on the skin.  Nor does it look dry, making this one great for mature skin.  Not the just over 40 but the wise and wonderful of 70 and beyond!


This is a mineral foundation from a small line, no bismuth but none of the moisturizing ingredients.  Contains titanium dioxide so it will white out when a picture is taken with a flash.  When the skin wrinkles, you can see the dryness.  I think this is one of the major reasons why many mature women forgo the mineral foundation especially during the winter months.

With Flash

The picture on the right is the DIY brand.  You can see how it sits even with the skin making it reflect like skin, nothing dry.  The skin wrinkles and it doesn't have that harshness of powder and dryness.

Here are the swatches taken without flash. On the left, the other brand has very little white-out (titanium dioxide reflection) but it still looks dry. DIY Foundation actually looks close to regular skin.

Without Flash

Here is another look on an applicator, notice the slight dewy sheen of the DIY on the right.

Dewy Proof

If you have been hesitant in trying any type of mineral makeup, I would say start with this one from DIY Cosmetics.  You don't need any primer for a smooth application, you just need to moisturize your skin as you usually would.  The powder does not feel like powder but more of a cream.  Your skin will never feel dry or look dry which makes this one great for mature skin!

Even though the colors are a bit off on the site, you can email them and they will offer some suggestions.  For those of you who have pink undertones, this line offers an excellent array of foundations which will melt into your skin.  Remember, these are very pigmented so when you receive your bag, it will look really dark.  But, once you apply it will look like your skin and never white out.

Also, if you are going to keep it in loose form, remember to buy the 30 gram jar which only costs 90¢.   Or, you can buy the pans to press them.



Ingredients:  Mica, Zinc Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Squalane, Fractioned Coconut oil, Lauryl Lysine, Allantoin, DL-alpha -tocopherol acetate, Grapefruit (Citrus racemosa) Extract , Origanum vulgare leaf extract, thymus vulgaris (thyme) extract, cinnamomum zeylancum bark extract, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower extract, hydrastis canadensis (golden seal) root extract May Contain ( /-) Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Chromium Oxide Greens, Ultramarines.

Sadly, these have been discontinued.

*I bought these. Links provided for your convenience. No affiliations.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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