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Comparing Stilazzi Eyeshadows to Some Neutral Eyeshadow Colors

 *Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*Some were bought. Some were PR samples.*

After going through my eyeshadows, my perspective has changed on many of the colors I held dear to my heart.  This was due in part to Stilazzi and yes, I blame that line completely.  For some of you who haven't read any of my reviews on the line, please, check them out now.

I chose four neutral eyeshadows that could represent part or all of the Fab Four Eyeshadows.  The first ones to compare are the ivory colors or the vanilla eyeshadows.

I mentioned Stilazzi eyeshadows have a quality of brightness, vividness, clarity, and dewiness which many of the eyeshadows lack today.

Here are the Ivory colors from three brands.  Kryolan, Viseart, and Stilazzi.  You can see from the swatches they differ greatly.  Kryolan is more of a fleshtone or light vanilla. Viseart has pink undertones and leans towards white.  Stilazzi has a bit of yellow but on the cool side, this can help in cancelling out redness.

The Ivory

Let's take a look at the so-called Peach eyeshadows.  This is the color that may be hard to find the perfect one for many especially if you lean towards a cool skin tone.  Many peaches may seem like a cool tone but end up looking murky and blah.  The reason could just be the lack in intensity and coolness.  Check out the swatches.

The Peach

You can see the vividness of Stilazzi and this is the one I love because, not only is the color true, it brightens the eye area.  If you have darkness (blue/purple) around the eyes, this will neutralize it.  Compare it to the others like Jouer, NARS (blush in Sex Appeal), Three Custom Colors, and Viseart. Surprisingly, what looked likes peach turns out to be more of a beige peach.

Next, are the Taupe Brown colors.  My favorite taupe brown ones are mostly from the pro brands like Ben Nye and ViseartMake Up For Ever has some taupes which never really jived with me completely.  Illamasqua has a nice taupe which I used regularly.

Taupe Brown

The Stilazzi MS-39 has a slight red/rose undertone which really works for both cool and warm skin tones.  You can see by the swatches below how it compares to the other brands.

Maybe, you prefer more of a Gray eyeshadow.  Here are the grays from the various brands.

Gray Brown

Grays can be hard to wear because they lack the warmth of brown.  However, Stilazzi MS-50 is gray but somehow it works.

Here are the swatches which compare these grays.  Surprisingly, Michael Marcus eyeshadow in Amazing looks warm compared to the others

I have a new love for these Stilazzi ones because for one these eyeshadows contain some oil which binds to my mature eyelids.  I found many brands now lack any kind of oil in their ingredient mix.  Silicone seems to be the binder of choice which I find doesn't sit right on my eyes.  I know you just think I am saying this because these were samples, but I am not.  In fact, after playing around with them and using them for a couple of weeks; I have begun to purge many of the other brands I thought were great.

Remember, the price of the eyeshadows at $3 may sound ridiculous and may sound like drugstore quality.  However, I learned from liking unconventional brands that quality, sometimes, stays a secret to the masses.  And that is shame but good for me since there will be more for me!

*Some bought. Stilazzi were PR samples.  Links provided for your convenience. No affiliations.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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