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Artis Brushes versus the Knock Offs

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

You may be wondering how the Artis brushes compare to the many knock offs you see on ebay and Amazon.  After all, a price of one Artis brush can cost the entire set of a knock off.  Why have one brush when you can have a set of ten similar looking ones, right?  Are the knock offs as good as their expensive counterpart? Or are they a waste of money?

The Knock-Off Set

I bought this set from Amazon for about $40 (USD).  You can find them cheaper but the shipping is usually from overseas.  These were in my hand in 2 days.  You get a set of 10 brushes similar in shape to the Artis oval, linear, and circle ones.  I skipped any measurements because you can find them on the Amazon website.

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To compare these to Artis would be exaggerating, I would have to contrast these knock offs.

Oval Comparison

Here, you can see the Artis Oval 8 Mirror Brush ($65) next to the largest knock offs.  Artis, obviously, has a longer handle with a rubberized grip (the white part) making it easy to hold in the hand.  Also, it is weighted to compensate for the large brush head.  The knock offs have that plastic handle which feel lightweight and out of balance in the hand.  This makes the brush head top heavy which means it has to be held all the time for a proper application of product.

Handle Comparison

Remember those plastic headbands from long ago? You know how you would bend them slightly to rest on your head, then suddenly it would just snap in half?  The handles of the knock offs have that plastic feel.  I wouldn't be surprised if they broke.

Brush Head Comparison

Both look densely packed, and they are but what you can't tell by the pictures is the true density of the hair.  The synthetic filaments of the knock offs are slightly larger in diameter, therefore, they are more stiff and take up more room.  This means less hair in the paddles and they aren't as soft.

Construction Comparison

Densely packed and somewhat firm filaments in the knock offs means the pressure applied will cause the handle to bend more since the face isn't made of one straight plane. Application of makeup may take more repetitions because of this.  Also the largest brush is slightly smaller than the Oval 8.

Application Comparison

Compare the largest brush head of the knock off to the largest in the Artis, the Oval 10 ($95).  The Artis reminds me of a muffin top. (Not the one around your waist!)

Size Comparison of Largest Oval Brush

More pictures contrasting the differences of the other shaped Artis brushes.  The Circle brushes.  One is a flat top and the other is domed.  The angle of the head on the knock offs aren't ergonomically designed.  Also, the brush filaments are prickly.  Olivia Sr. couldn't stand them and she has a very sensitive eye area.  Prickly filaments means powdery fallout when applying eyeshadow.

Circle Brush Comparison

These two brushes are close to the Oval 6 size.  One is about the same size but a bit rounder and the other is larger.  The Artis brush has that fine filament at the end which makes it soft.  This buffs and blends any powder product.  The knock offs are slightly thicker and once in a while can poke the cheek if you are sensitive.

Brush Hair Comparison

The linear brushes, I found just awful.  Okay, maybe that is really insulting but the hairs are just too stiff and too long.

Linear Brush Comparison

You know those cheap synthetic brushes that are available at art supply stores.  Generally, they are good for applying glitter onto paper.  These feel the same!  I am not that sensitive around the eye area, but I found these to be prickly because color won't apply smoothly onto them!

Linear Brush Comparison 2

I thought about using the smallest linear as a mascara brush but the hairs are just too long and the tip is just too flimsy for a good application.  I guess I will use this to brush the teeth of a squirrel.  Now, I only have to find a squirrel!


Like I said, there is more contrasting than comparing these brushes.  The knock offs are NOT THE SAME as the Artis brushes and don't believe anyone who tells you so!  The synthetic filaments are larger in diameter making the individual hair a bit more firm.  The knock offs, although, are densely packed; they aren't as densely packed as the Artis.  The handles are shorter and flimsy.

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These points being made, if you have the money; GET THE ARTIS.  You will find use for all the brushes in the Artis and, eventually, they will pay for themselves if taken care of.  The knock off set, I only found the oval brushes useful.  I can't use the others because the hairs don't apply color right.  If money is a factor, don't expect the same feel or results as the Artis.  If you are curious to the shape and don't care about the hair, then try the knock offs.

In the end, whichever you choose whether it be the Artis or the knock offs, if you are happy with your makeup results; then that is the most important result!!!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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