About Me

Who am I?

I am Olivia, a B-List beauty blogger who has been blogging for 5 years!  I live in the USA.  I was a teen in the what was considered a great decade: the 80's!  I am now a wise and mature woman who pretty much knows beauty is not just about some cosmetic item but how one carries their own true beauty.  I don't claim to be some great makeup artist or beauty guru, but I do claim to be a great q-tip (makeup applicator).  I am Jill of all trades and mistress of nothing.

Why aren't your stats higher?

I could be left uncredited (see below) and unlinked (plagiarized).  Remember, if you choose to plagiarize, make sure search engines and screenshots do not exist.  You don't want to be known for your rudeness and daftness!  

I am the originator of  the Depot with Floss method.

Or depotting makeup with dental floss.  If people take credit for this, then they haven't learned blogging etiquette. Enlarge the pic below for proof!  Sources for the pix: LiveJournal effloresce_, Cozy Cot forum here and here.

If you like a post on this blog, please mention it.

Proper blogging etiquette is the rule when you are a blogger/vlogger.  No matter how big or small a blogger or vlogger is, appreciation is the best karma!

What is so great about this blog?

I don't just review products.  I like to be informative.  I like to answer the "why's" instead of just giving you the "just because".  This is the reason why I created my other blog Into the Palette.  If you would like to volunteer for it, click here.

Who likes this blog?

British Beauty Blogger admitted this.  I commend her for her brave confession!  Anyone else like to confess?

Does this blog make money?

No, and honestly it probably never will since I hate to start worrying more about my hits and the money I could, should, and would make if I did this and that.  My real life does enough of that for me.  

Do I accept samples for review?

Yes, I do.  If I receive them, I always review them!  PR samples are always stated.

Are your reviews honest?

This isn't a happy-go-lucky-everything-is-great-and-beautiful blog.  All products aren't great.  PR samples have the same odds as receiving the same outcome as the products I buy on my own. 

Can I leave insulting comments?

Yes, but remember I have your ip address.

Do you have affiliations?

No, I don't. But I do have referral links which allow pennies to be placed towards a future purchase of some beauty product.

Do you have a rating system?

Glad you asked!  Yes, I do.  It is similar to what is used on Hulu and Netflix.  However, instead of using stars, I will use eyes. 

Here is my rating system:

One open eye - "I hated it."

Two open eyes - "I didn't like it".
 Three open eyes - "I liked it."

Four open eyes - "I really liked it."

Five open eyes - "I loved it."

Any other questions?

Just email me by clicking the icon below:
*Special thanks to Aldona from Working Beauty for the comic strip!*

Foundation colors I use: Bobbi Brown Sand; Chantecaille Cream; RCMA KO-1, KO-2; Joe Blasco-Special Medium Olive-1,Olive Beige-1 Warm Olive 1; Julie Hewett Lily, Theda; Laura Mercier-Warm Ivory; MAC NC 20, 25; Make Up For Ever HD #120, Face Stockholm Picture Perfect in Shade A.