Who am I?

I am Olivia, a B-List beauty blogger who has been blogging for 5 years!  I live in the USA.  I was a teen in the what was considered a great decade: the 80's!  I am now a wise and mature woman who pretty much knows beauty is not just about some cosmetic item but how one carries their own true beauty.  I don't claim to be some great makeup artist or beauty guru, but I do claim to be a great q-tip (makeup applicator).  I am Jill of all trades and mistress of nothing.

Why aren't your stats higher?

If you judge a blog by stats, then you just think numbers and not quality and content.  My stats have grown without the help of Facebook and many media outlets.  I do have a cult following.  You can always view my stats. 

What is so great about this blog?

I don't just review products.  I like to be informative.  I like to answer the "why's" instead of just giving you the "just because".  This is the reason why I created my other blog Into the Palette.  If you would like to volunteer for it, click here.

Who likes this blog?

British Beauty Blogger admitted this.  I commend her for her brave confession!  Anyone else like to confess?

Does this blog make money?

No, and honestly it probably never will since I hate to start worrying more about my hits and the money I could, should, and would make if I did this and that.  My real life does enough of that for me.

PR friendly?

I am, only if you treat me like a veteran beauty blogger.  I have been blogging close to 5 years.  I know when some brands want a wide-eyed beginner.   

Do I accept samples for review?

Yes, I do.  If I receive them, I always review them!  PR samples are always stated.

Are your reviews honest?

This isn't a happy-go-lucky-everything-is-great-and-beautiful blog.  All products aren't great.  PR samples have the same odds as receiving the same outcome as the products I buy on my own. 

Can I leave insulting comments?

Only if you leave a valid email which can be traced back to you and your IP address.

If I leave an insulting comment, what will happen?

I will be thinking many insulting thoughts about you too.  I also have 3 witches working for me and chanting over a cauldron.  Watch out for karma!  I am a person, not a saint!

Do you have affiliations?

No, I don't. But I do have referral links which allow pennies to be placed towards a future purchase of some beauty product.

Do you have a rating system?

Glad you asked!  Yes, I do.  It is similar to what is used on Hulu and Netflix.  However, instead of using stars, I will use eyes. 

Here is my rating system:

One open eye - "I hated it."

Two open eyes - "I didn't like it".
 Three open eyes - "I liked it."

Four open eyes - "I really liked it."

Five open eyes - "I loved it."

Any other questions?

Just email me by clicking the icon below:

Foundation colors I use: Bobbi Brown Sand; Chantecaille Cream; RCMA KO-1, KO-2; Joe Blasco-Special Medium Olive-1,Olive Beige-1 Warm Olive 1; Julie Hewett Lily, Theda; Laura Mercier-Warm Ivory; MAC NC 20, 25; Make Up For Ever HD #120, Face Stockholm Picture Perfect in Shade A. 


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