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A Blast from the Past - Stagelight Cosmetics

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Back in the late 70's early 80's there was this store called Judy's which carried the fashionably forward clothing of that time.  I think if you ever watched the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, there is a shot of that store.  (It could have been another movie but this one really left a mark on me because of surfer dude Sean Penn! LOL)  I was excited when my local mall had a grand opening of this store and they were giving away Stagelight Cosmetics!

Stagelight Palette

What teenage girl obsessed-with-the-most-shallow-things-like-fashion-and-make-up wouldn't be happy?  Since, my mom went twice to this store, (yes, they were generous in giveaways) I had a total of three Stagelight Cosmetic items.  Two of them were loose colored powders-a frosty blue red and a matte rose; the other was their signature lipgloss pot Blue Roses.  I loved these items to death because they were colors that I had never seen in the usual drugstore or cosmetic counter lines.  Blue red was an interference or duochrome color and so was the Blue Roses lipgloss.  My introduction and obsession to duochromes and unusual colors had begun.

The duochrome Blue Red was this gorgeous clear blue with hints of fuchsia.  I stared at my finger swatch and watched the color change as I changed the angle of my finger.  Ooh, aaah.  This was so pretty but I didn't know how to wear it on my eyes without looking like a teenage prostitute which meant I couldn't wear it to school.  I could only wear it to the roller rink because everyone there just look like they came out of the Las Vegas Showgirl Academy of Make Up!  The only item I could really wear was the Blue Roses lipgloss which was similar to the loose powder but it was more of a purple rose blue.  And I looked good in that gloss (so I thought because it went well with my ghostly olive skintone)!  The matte rose powder I wasn't so sure of but I tried it as an eyeshadow and it made me look like I had allergies and instead tried it out as a blush.  I had no skills in applying loose colored powdered on my cheeks and just looked sunburnt.  I put the jar away in my make up (fishing tackle) case.

Whatever happened to my Blue Red jar of color?  I had accidentally spilled the container on my dresser and watched the pretty color just stain it.  With a little detergent it was removed.  And my lipgloss?  I actually used that one until it had just a ring around the edges!  I loved that color to bits.  As for the matte rose powder- it just disappeared or maybe I gave it away.  I had so much makeup back then that I was ashamed to keep so much and purged constantly.  Eventually, my makeup taste widened, Judy's stores disappeared, and Stagelight Cosmetics was nowhere to be seen.

Now, fast forward to the 21st century and me at an age where too much makeup can me look like an overaged Emo or prostitute.  I still like makeup and Stagelight Cosmetics never ever left my mind.  And thanks to the internet Stagelight Cosmetics is still alive and well. The line has expanded.  It keeps the original characteristics that made them popular in the 20th century but added a few things-pressed eyeshadows, powdered lipcolor, foundations, etc.  However, I opted for what started my color obsessed make up journey-the Sparkle Eye Powder.  Yes, I bought the Blue Red and remembered that I never tried their Red Blue.  I didn't get the the Blue Roses lipgloss only because I didn't think it would work at my age, but now I am regretting this decision and will get it next time.  What I actually bought were the following colors:  Blue Red-shimmery blue with flashes of magenta; Red Blue-shimmery fuchsia with flashes of blue purple; Khaki Green-shimmery mossy green with gold; Smoky Topaz-shimmery golden taupe with silver gleam and sparkles; Pink Champagne-shimmery pink weaved into a bubbly champagne base; Brown Gold-shimmery medium warm brown.

The difference between what I had way back and now is the texture and the color.  I remember Blue Red being a bit more deep blue but the texture never really adhered to the skin well, of course this was before eyeshadow base existed.  Now the colors do adhere properly onto the skin and the colors though slightly different still show up as colorful as they were in the past.

Please note that in the following pictures, the colors are shown for color purposes and not necessarily the way I would wear them normally.

Blue Red & Red Blue

Khaki Green & Smoky Topaz

Brown Gold & Pink Champagne

Stagelight Cosmetics is definitely a cosmetic line that changed or made a new road in my makeup obsessed life thanks to its unusual color palette.  Now, it has a newer generation to cater to and with a lot more items to play with too!  I think I have to get more from them since they do have a special place in my heart!  Thank you Stagelight Cosmetics for turning me into the color obsessed person that I am!

Sparkle Powder-$9.50USD

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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