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Hacking Your Way to Beautiful Cheeks: The Simple Application of Blush

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

In this post, I am updating the one on blush application which I did on Into the Palette.  That post isn’t wrong but my perspective has changed and I understand facial shape in terms of real life a bit better.  The following diagrams will simplify a basic application of blush for every face shape.

The Beauty of Blush

As you know, I am not one to really say that this is how you should apply makeup because of your facial shape.  Whether you have a square shape, round shape, or oval shape; your face is 3D and the shape you have is what makes YOU unique!  However, blush should be like eyeshadow, it should create the illusion of lift and dimension.

Blush brings together the eye area and the lips.  It completes the look of the face by giving it enough of a color to balance with the rest.  And, that is how blush should be thought of as and applied; it should balance a look.

The Face - Step 1

Starting with the sculpted face or a blank face if you do no contouring and highlighting.  If you are a makeup minimalist, just make sure you apply a primer and/or powder to allow blush color to apply evenly onto the skin.

Step 2

Imagine two lines which extend right beneath your eyeballs.  This area is the center and the apple of your cheeks will lie within this area.  Notice how the outer line is where the darker foundation (contour) had been applied.

Step 3

Next, with your facial muscles relaxed, imagine a line which lies right where the apple of your cheeks end (this will fall slightly beneath your nose).  Now imagine a line that falls right above where the apple of your cheeks start.

Apples of  Your Cheeks

The area between the lines is the main application of the blush.

Step 4

Next, imagine extending those horizontal lines to the top part of the ears.  This is where the blush will be swept up and back.

Now, the next part is important because it is an area which is ignored.  The area between the sides of the nose and the apples of the cheeks.  Usually, you just leave this area alone but nowadays, a little color doesn’t hurt.  What will hurt is if it is done too much!  You have to tread lightly in this area which will be explained later.  See the lines?  Yeah, I know a bit confusing.

Important Area

Step 5

Maybe, it is better to see it this way.  The yellow represents where the blush should be applied.  Notice, the area between the nose and the cheeks is lighter than the rest; blush is applied there lightly which will draw attention towards the center of the face and up to the eyes and down towards the lips.

Blush Flow

Here, the green arrows show the direction the blush brush would flow.  Your starting point should be the apple of your cheeks since the brush is freshly swiped and the heaviest application is needed here.  Continue on towards the sides and stop before your reach your ears.  Swipe it around; the blush by this time will have just enough on the brush for a soft and sheer application.  Continue up to the side of the nose and stop right before you hit the bridge.

Finished Look

The finished application should look something like this.  You should look refreshed and awake since the concentration of blush color is towards the center of your face.

Hope this helped some of you!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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