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Bags of Loose Makeup Pigments - Piggies to Haul from DIY Cosmetics

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen*

I mentioned DIY Cosmetics in my Better Empty Palette post.  I didn’t buy just the palette, I bought other stuff with it.  After all, if you took a look at the site, you would notice you can’t just get away with buying just a single item!

I did buy some pigments to make eyeshadows into loose and pressed form.  The sister site of DIY Cosmetics, Wholesale Cosmetic Pigments, has a variety of high quality pigments. 

The Pigments

Here is what I bought in sample size.  The samples are a pretty generous amount.  If you ever wanted to press these into a pan with their mixing base, you would have enough for a small size pan and then some.

Cooper Brown, Aborigine Amber, Patina Gold

Cooper Brown Pigment (sample) $1.50 - This is a tree bark brown in a luster finish.  Neutral, dark but not too dark.

Brown Aborigine Amber (sample) $1.50 - I love the name of this one, definitely very Down Under in color.; lustrous amber brown.  It has that tinge of orange or amber you associate with Australia. 

Patina Gold (sample) $1.50 - Looks like a neon green but it isn’t.  More of an antique green with that gold intertwined.  Pretty alone or can be mixed into the Brown Aborigine Amber to change it a bit.

Flash Violet & Pearl Green

Flash Violet (sample) $1.50 - This is an interference mica.  The color goes from a white to a flash of glitter violet; more sparkle in this one.

Pearl Green (sample) $1.50 - This one is another interference mica which will go from a soft white to pearl mermaid green.  Layer on top of a dark color for more interference.

In a full 30 gram size, I bought these:

Satin Gold, Pearl Gold, Flash Gold  - These are all interference pigments in various degrees.  I bought these in 30 gram bags for $4.75 each.  I believe in cosmetic counter street value, these are worth hundreds of dollars! (joke!) 

In actuality, I bought these in one ounce bags because these golds will go with any color, on any skin tone from light to dark, anywhere from skin to hair.  They can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow, lipcolor, hair gel, body color.  The color is a ubiquitous one for the makeup field.

Satin, Pearl, & Flash Gold

The Satin Gold is the most opaque.  The white base is more visible.  If layered on top of a light color.  If layered on top of a dark color, the white will mute the color.  However, on both light and dark, just a change in angle will show the gold.

Pearl Gold is the usual one people go for.  Not too opaque and not too sheer.  The whiteness of the base isn’t as strong as the satin version.  Still, the gold interference is the same.

Flash Gold is the most sheer in the base color and a bit more sparkle.  Because of its sheerness, the gold will be stronger.

The major reason why I bought these colors are for the beauty when the light flashes at different angles.  It reminds of Abbie Mills (played by Nicole Beharie) on Sleepy Hollow

pic from screencapped.net

(Yes, I am addicted to television.) You notice on her lids, you can catch that gold color, then at a different angle it kinda looks white or diffused?  I pretty much think that is some airbrushed liquid with interference qualities.  Since, I don’t have the airbrush version, I just use these powder versions.  However, these can be mixed with a mixing medium and used in an airbrush.


Silky Perfection Eyeshadow & Blush Base (1.50 sample; 1 oz 7.95) - This is to mix with the pigments and to keep them loose.  You can press them into a pan if you buy the liquid binder.  I didn’t do this, and instead bought the next item.

Pressed Powder Base for Mica (1 oz. $5.95) - I can just mix this with the pigments and they will be ready to press.  No liquid to add.


To press the pigments.  I bought some 29 mm pans at 10¢ each and I bought the corresponding silicone press pad for $1.50.

You can see the result below.  I used a rubber mallet to press the pad in.  The eyeshadow is pretty much pressed like any other pressed eyeshadow!


There you have my haul.  Not exciting, I know, but I did buy what I wanted without going overboard.  I mean, it is so easy to buy more than you really need on DIY Cosmetics.  The site does have the high quality packaging products, and the pigments are downright beautiful.  Temptation always sings in my ear when I visit that site!  Check it out and beware of the makeup sirens!!!

*Links provided for your convenience.  No affiliations.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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